Fuzzy operators for Mathematica.
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Fuzzy operators for Mathematica.



Historical Things

Approximately 1.2 billion years ago, I created a set of fuzzy operators for the Derive computer algebra system, running on my HP-95LX pocket computer. It was the coolest thing since sliced bread.

I also ported it over to Mathematica 1.0 at the time (running on a Sun II in my office at Pixar).

I was doing a thing last week, now 25+ years later, where I needed to do Fuzzy Boolean operators, so I dug it out, cleaned it up and here we are. (It was on a tape cart ☞ floppy ☞ Syquest ☞ Zip Drive ☞ CD ROM ☞ DVD ROM ☞ Synology. Let's hear it for pack-rattery.)

Usage Notes

Sadly, this is no replacement for the super cool FuzzyLogic Mathematica package (RIP).

It is simply the ten fuzzy boolean operators + a few things here and there that add to the fun. It implements the traditional 'Zadeh' operators, along with Yager and HyperbolicParaboloid variants, selectable with Method.


Zadeh, L. A. (1965). Fuzzy sets. Information and Control.



Credit, Contact

If you use it for anything, let me know . © 1998-2017 Flip Phillips.