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Christmas Lights

Tier: 1-Beginner

The ChristmasLights application relies on your development talents to create a mesmerizing light display. Your task is to draw seven colored circles in a row and based on a timer change the intensity of each circle. When a circle is brightened it's predecessor returns to its normal intensity.

This simulates the effect of a string of rippling lights, similar to the ones displayed during the Christmas Holidays.

User Stories

  • User can press a button to start and stop the display
  • User can change the interval of time controlling the change in intensity

Bonus features

  • User can select the color used to fill each circle
  • User can specify the intensity value
  • User can change the size of any circle in the row
  • User can specify the number of rows to be included in the display. From one to seven rows can be chosen

Useful links and resources

Example projects

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