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A Flow-based Programming (FBP) micro-framework for Go (Golang).

The aim of FlowBase, as opposed to being a full-blown framework, is to provide just enough functionality on top of the existing FBP-like primives in Golang (channels with bounded buffers, asynchronous go-routines), to enable developing data processing applications with it. Thus the term "FBP micro-framework".

The pattern has previously been described in the following blog posts on GopherAcademy:


go get

(The ellipsis, ..., is important, to get the flowbase commandline tool as well)


Create a new FlowBase component stub:

flowbase new-component MyComponentName

(More helper commands coming later ...)

Code examples

For a real-world example, see this code defining an app to transform from semantic RDF data to wiki pages in MediaWiki XML format (the network connection code is highlighted, to help you find the interesting parts quick :) ).

Libraries based on FlowBase

  • SciPipe - A Scientific Workflow engine library
  • RDF2SMW - A tool to convert RDF triples to a Semantic MediaWiki XML import file


Other Go FBP frameworks

Even more Go FBP (like) frameworks

Seemingly less mature and/or well-known...

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