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Infusion Documentation

Browse the Infusion Documentation on GitHub

You can browse the Infusion Documentation as static user friendly pages, or if you prefer, you can browse the Infusion Documentation directly on GitHub.

Build with DocPad

Install DocPad:

npm install -g docpad

Get the node modules for this project:

npm install

To generate the HTML and run the DocPad server locally:

npm run docpad

This runs the command:

docpad run --env static

Point your browser to: http://localhost:9778/


While GitHub Pages is not used to host, our deployment process requires that the generated site be pushed to the deploy branch in the project repo. The contents of the deploy branch will automatically be served as the contents are changed.

To generate and push to the deploy branch on the project repo run the following:

npm run deploy

This runs the command:

docpad deploy-ghpages --env static

WARNING: Deploying will upload the site to the deploy branch of the origin remote. If you have cloned from the production repository and you have push access, you will actually run the docs publication workflow against the live production branch, regardless of whichever branch you happen to be working on.

A Note on DocPad plugins

Changes to DocPad plugins used by this package only take effect when your node_modules directory is up to date. It is therefore highly important to remove your existing node_modules and rerun npm install when pulling down updates to this repository. Failure to do so may result in broken links, rendering errors, and other problems.