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* flymake.el 0.4.16 (2013-05-19-01:30)
* Pull upstream patch for non-writable dirs.
(Prodding provided by @rrthomas, patch originally by Stefan Monnier.)
* Also don't run on unreadable dirs (ie, before you get chance to M-x make-directory.)
* flymake.el 0.4.15 (2013-02-12-20:02)
* Remove accidental commit of debugging skip of file cleanup.
* flymake.el 0.4.14 (2013-02-08-20:21)
* Properly escape CHK_SOURCES filenames for the shell in C/C++ syntax checkers.
* flymake.el 0.4.13 (2012-10-28-23:19)
* Use -e option to xmlstarlet XML validation so that line errors are captured and
exit code doesn't disable flymake.
(Contributed by @marcinant.)
* flymake.el 0.4.12 (2012-07-23-09:29)
* Use file-truename in flymake-create-temp-inplace to ensure tempfile names are in normal form.
(Contributed by @arnested.)
* flymake.el 0.4.11 (2012-06-03-00:29)
* Added flymake-stop-syntax-check to stop syntax checks in a single buffer.
* Added flymake-restart-syntax-check to stop syntax checks in a single buffer and start new one.
* flymake.el 0.4.10 (2012-05-23-14:50)
* Fix error regexp for gcc 4.5+ on windows.
(Contributed by @abbec.)
* flymake.el 0.4.9 (2012-03-28-06:22)
* Use file-truename to ensure tempfile names are in normal form.
(Contributed by @arnested.)
* flymake.el 0.4.8 (2012-03-22-07:47)
* Merge in upstream changes from GNU Emacs version.
* Doc fixes for minor-mode:
* No functional changes.
* flymake.el 0.4.7 (2012-02-07-09:15)
* Add support for rpm specfiles with rpmlint. (Contributed by Adrian Likins.)
* Add support for gettext po files with msgfmt. (Contributed by Adrian Likins.)
* flymake.el 0.4.6 (2012-01-01-09:25)
* Add support for csslint.
* Update DOCSTRING for the various temp filename functions.
* Attempt to find Perl project include dir if it's in a standard place.
* Fix temp-dir prefix stripping in flymake-delete-temp-directory.
* flymake.el 0.4.5 (2011-11-26-19:28)
* Use butlast for error truncation rather than messing with car/cdr directly.
* Clarify use of $PERLBREW_ROOT to detect if perlbrew sync is required.
* Add support for info class error messages.
(Inspired by
* Customizable error-message classification regexps.
* Add support for Javascript errors with jshint.
* flymake.el 0.4.4 (2011-11-01-21:37)
* No longer prompt about running flymake processes when killing buffers.
(Karl Chen via
* Attempt to prevent MOTD/login message from remote Tramp syntax checks
appearing at the end of the buffer being syntax-checked.
* Suppress Tramp message-area spam during remote syntax checks.
* Enable flymake logging to message area again.
* flymake.el 0.4.3 (2011-10-19-20:49)
* Fix interaction of tramp with flymake-run-in-place set to nil.
(Thanks to @nullie and @dncohen for analysis of the problem and debugging.)
* flymake.el 0.4.2 (2011-10-16-07:02)
* Add support for multiple errors in error tooltip. (Contributed by nullie.)
* Control number of errors in tooltip with flymake-number-of-errors-to-display.