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package com.fmpwizard.code
package comet
import scala.xml.{NodeSeq, Text, Elem}
import net.liftweb._
import util._
import actor._
import http._
import common.{Box, Full,Logger}
import mapper.{OrderBy, Descending, SelectableField}
import http.SHtml._
import http.S._
import http.js.JsCmds.{SetHtml, SetValueAndFocus, Replace}
import http.js.jquery.JqJE._
import net.liftweb.http.js.JE.Str
import Helpers._
* This is the message we pass around to
* register each named comet actor with a dispatcher that
* only updates the specific version it monitors
case class registerCometActor(actor: CometActor, version: String)
* The message we pass around to update the UI
* once we are done with our long running process
case class DoneMessage(CometActorName: String, City: String, State: String)
class Myliftactor extends CometActor with Logger {
override def defaultPrefix = Full("comet")
// time out the comet actor if it hasn't been on a page for 2 minutes
override def lifespan = Full(120 seconds)
* On page load, this method does a full page render
def render= {
"#result *" #> "5 seconds after you submit, you will see a new message here."
* We can get two kinds of messages
* 1- A DoneMessage, which has info about the long
* running process we just finished.
* A LiftActor sends this message
* 2- A string which is the version the comet actor is displaying info about
* On page load we get this message
override def lowPriority: PartialFunction[Any,Unit] = {
case DoneMessage(cometActorName, city, state) => {
info("Comet Actor %s will do a partial update".format(this))
* each td in the html grid has an id that is
* [0-9] + browser name
* I use this to uniquely identify which cell to update
SetHtml("result", <span>I finished processing your form.<br />
You submitted <b>{state}, {city}</b></span>)
case Full(name: String)=> {
info("[URL]: CometActor monitoring session: %s".format(name))
* We get the DispatcherActor that sends message to all the
* CometActors that are displaying a specific version number.
* And we register ourselves with the dispatcher
//name map{n => MyListeners.listenerFor(n) ! registerCometActor(this, n) }
MyListeners.listenerFor(name) ! registerCometActor(this, name)
info("Registering comet actor: %s".format(this))
case _ => info("Not sure how we got here.")
* This class keeps a list of comet actors that need to update the UI
* if we get new data through the rest api
class DispatcherActor(name: String) extends LiftActor with Logger{
//info("DispatcherActor got version: %s".format(name))
private var doneMessage= DoneMessage("", "Asheville", "North Carolina")
private var cometActorsToUpdate: List[CometActor]= List()
def createUpdate = doneMessage
override def messageHandler = {
* if we do not have this actor in the list, add it (register it)
case registerCometActor(actor, name) =>
if(cometActorsToUpdate.contains(actor) == false){
info("We are adding actor: %s to the list".format(actor))
cometActorsToUpdate= actor :: cometActorsToUpdate
} else {
info("The list so far is %s".format(cometActorsToUpdate))
* Go through the the list of actors and send them a cellToUpdate message
case DoneMessage(name, city, state) => {
doneMessage = DoneMessage(name, city, state)
info("We will update these comet actors: %s showing name: %s".format(
cometActorsToUpdate, name))
cometActorsToUpdate.foreach(_ ! doneMessage)
case _ => "Bye"
* Keep a map of versions -> dispatchers, if no dispatcher is found, create one
* comet actors get the ref to their dispatcher using this object,
* so they can register themselves and the rest
* api gets the dispatcher that is monitoring a specific version
object MyListeners extends Logger{
//How about creating a ListenerManager (a separate Actor)
//for each of the items you're going to have:
private var listeners: Map[String, LiftActor] = Map()
def listenerFor(str: String): LiftActor = synchronized {
listeners.get(str) match {
case Some(a) => info("Our map is %s".format(listeners)); a
case None => {
val ret = new DispatcherActor(str)
listeners += str -> ret
info("Our map is %s".format(listeners))
//So, you'll have a separate dispatcher for each of your URL parameters
//and the CometActors can register with them and the REST thing can find
//them to send the messages.