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(in-package :cl-mongo)
A note of the bson-array design
1. The encoders add the length of the element to the head of the byte stream
and null terminate the byte stream.
2. The array format from what I can tell is this :
<array length> [0 or more <bson-encoding minus header and null terminator>] <null terminator>
3. That means I need to keep add/update the header with the array length and add a null terminator each
time the array is changed.
4. I remove the header (which is a size) and the null terminator returned from the bson-encoding. As an
alternative I could change bson-encoding to not add these if this is an array element !
5. Make instance should produce a recognizable empty array.
(defun make-int-vector (sz &key (init-fill 0) )
(make-array sz :element-type 'integer :initial-element 0 :fill-pointer init-fill :adjustable t))
(defclass bson-array()
((array :initarg :data-array :accessor data-array)
(index-array :initarg :index-array :accessor index-array)))
;; terminate the bson array with a nul and
;; encode the length in the first for bytes..
(defun normalize-array(array)
(null-terminate-array array)
(set-array-length array :start 0))
(defun normalize-bson-array(array)
(normalize-array (data-array array)))
(defun make-bson-array(&key (size 10))
(let ((array (make-instance 'bson-array
:data-array (add-octets (int32-to-octet 0) (make-octet-vector (+ size 4)))
:index-array (make-int-vector 5))))
(normalize-bson-array array)
(defun pop-from-array(arr)
(when (positive (fill-pointer arr)) (vector-pop arr)))
(defgeneric bson-array-push (element array)
(:documentation "push element to arrray"))
(defmethod bson-array-push (element (array bson-array))
(let ((key (format nil "~D" (fill-pointer (index-array array)))))
(pop-from-array (data-array array)) ; remove terminating null
(vector-push-extend (fill-pointer (data-array array)) (index-array array))
; this skips the first four bytes returned from the encoding which
; has the size of encoded object as well as the terminating nul
; (which does get added on by normalize !)
(add-octets (bson-encode key element) (data-array array) :start 4 :from-end 1)
(normalize-bson-array array)
(defgeneric bson-array-pop (array)
(:documentation "pop element from arrray"))
(defmethod bson-array-pop-element ((array bson-array))
(let* ((retval (copy-seq (subseq (data-array array) (vector-pop (index-array array)))))
(newfill (- (fill-pointer (data-array array)) (length retval))))
(setf (fill-pointer (data-array array)) newfill)
(normalize-bson-array array)
(defmethod bson-array-pop ((array bson-array))
(if (zerop (fill-pointer (index-array array)))
(values nil nil)
(values (bson-array-pop-element array) (fill-pointer (index-array array)))))
(defgeneric bson-array-reset (array))
(defmethod bson-array-reset ((array bson-array))
(setf (fill-pointer (data-array array)) 0)
(setf (fill-pointer (index-array array)) 0) )
(defmethod print-object ((arr bson-array) stream)
(format stream "~% ~S [~A] ~A" (type-of arr)
(if (slot-boundp arr 'index-array)
(index-array arr)
"no index array set..")
(if (slot-boundp arr 'array)
(data-array arr)
"no array set..")))
(defmethod bson-encode( (key string) (value bson-array) &key (array nil array-supplied-p)
(size 10 size-supplied-p)
(type +bson-data-array+) (encoder nil))
(let* ((size (if size-supplied-p size 10))
(array (if array-supplied-p array (make-octet-vector size))))
(labels ((encode-value (array)
(add-octets (data-array value) array))) ; add value
(call-next-method key value :array array :type type :encoder (if encoder encoder #'encode-value)))))
(defun bson-encode-cons (list stack bson-array-stack)
(labels ((encode-cons-helper-1 (element bson-array-stack)
(bson-array-push element (car bson-array-stack))
(encode-cons-helper-2 (bson-array-stack)
(bson-array-push (car bson-array-stack) (cadr bson-array-stack))
(cdr bson-array-stack))
(encode-cons-done (list stack)
(and (zerop (length list)) (zerop (length stack)))))
(cond ( (encode-cons-done list stack) (car bson-array-stack))
( (zerop (length list)) (bson-encode-cons (car stack) (cdr stack)
(encode-cons-helper-2 bson-array-stack)))
( (consp (car list)) (bson-encode-cons
(car list) (cons (cdr list) stack) (cons (make-bson-array) bson-array-stack)))
( t (bson-encode-cons (cdr list) stack (encode-cons-helper-1 (car list) bson-array-stack))))))
(defmethod bson-encode ( (key string) (value cons) &key )
(bson-encode key (bson-encode-cons value () (list (make-bson-array :size (* (length value) 12))))))
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