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package oci8
#include "oci8.go.h"
import "C"
// noPkgConfig is a Go tag for disabling using pkg-config and using environmental settings like CGO_CFLAGS and CGO_LDFLAGS instead
import (
const (
lobBufferSize = 4000
useOCISessionBegin = true
sizeOfNilPointer = unsafe.Sizeof(unsafe.Pointer(nil))
type (
// DSN is Oracle Data Source Name
DSN struct {
Connect string
Username string
Password string
prefetchRows C.ub4
prefetchMemory C.ub4
Location *time.Location
transactionMode C.ub4
enableQMPlaceholders bool
operationMode C.ub4
externalauthentication bool
// OCI8DriverStruct is Oracle driver struct
OCI8DriverStruct struct {
// Logger is used to log connection ping errors, defaults to discard
// To log set it to something like: log.New(os.Stderr, "oci8 ", log.Ldate|log.Ltime|log.LUTC|log.Llongfile)
Logger *log.Logger
// OCI8Connector is the sql driver connector
OCI8Connector struct {
// Logger is used to log connection ping errors
Logger *log.Logger
// OCI8Conn is Oracle connection
OCI8Conn struct {
svc *C.OCISvcCtx
srv *C.OCIServer
env *C.OCIEnv
errHandle *C.OCIError
usrSession *C.OCISession
prefetchRows C.ub4
prefetchMemory C.ub4
location *time.Location
transactionMode C.ub4
operationMode C.ub4
inTransaction bool
enableQMPlaceholders bool
closed bool
logger *log.Logger
// OCI8Tx is Oracle transaction
OCI8Tx struct {
conn *OCI8Conn
namedValue struct {
Name string
Ordinal int
Value driver.Value
outValue struct {
Dest interface{}
In bool
// OCI8Stmt is Oracle statement
OCI8Stmt struct {
conn *OCI8Conn
stmt *C.OCIStmt
closed bool
pbind []oci8Bind // bind params
// OCI8Result is Oracle result
OCI8Result struct {
rowsAffected int64
rowsAffectedErr error
rowid string
rowidErr error
stmt *OCI8Stmt
oci8Define struct {
name string
dataType C.ub2
pbuf unsafe.Pointer
maxSize C.sb4
length *C.ub2
indicator *C.sb2
defineHandle *C.OCIDefine
oci8Bind struct {
dataType C.ub2
pbuf unsafe.Pointer
maxSize C.sb4
length *C.ub2
indicator *C.sb2
bindHandle *C.OCIBind
out sql.Out
// OCI8Rows is Oracle rows
OCI8Rows struct {
stmt *OCI8Stmt
defines []oci8Define
e bool
closed bool
done chan struct{}
cls bool
var (
ErrOCISuccessWithInfo = errors.New("OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO")
// ErrNoRowid is result has no rowid
ErrNoRowid = errors.New("result has no rowid")
phre = regexp.MustCompile(`\?`)
defaultCharset = C.ub2(0)
// OCI8Driver is the sql driver
OCI8Driver = &OCI8DriverStruct{
Logger: log.New(ioutil.Discard, "", 0),
func init() {
sql.Register("oci8", OCI8Driver)
// set defaultCharset to AL32UTF8
var envP *C.OCIEnv
envPP := &envP
var result C.sword
result = C.OCIEnvCreate(envPP, C.OCI_DEFAULT, nil, nil, nil, nil, 0, nil)
if result != C.OCI_SUCCESS {
switch result {
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO\n")
//OCIErrorGet ((void *) errhp, (ub4) 1, (text *) NULL, &errcode, errbuf, (ub4) sizeof(errbuf), (ub4) OCI_HTYPE_ERROR);
//fmt.Printf("Error - %s\n", errbuf)
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_NEED_DATA\n")
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_NO_DATA\n")
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_ERROR\n")
fmt.Println([]byte(cGoStringN(cString("test"), 4)))
fmt.Println(cGoStringN(cString("test"), 4))
var errbuf = cStringN("", 1024)
fmt.Println(fmt.Sprint(C.OCIErrorGet(unsafe.Pointer(*envPP), 1, nil, &result, errbuf, 1024, C.OCI_HTYPE_ENV)))
//errorText := make([]byte, 512)
// fmt.Println(C.OCIErrorGet(unsafe.Pointer(*envPP), 1, nil, &result, (*C.OraText)(&errorText[0]), 512, C.OCI_HTYPE_ENV))
var msg = cGoStringN(errbuf, 512)
//index := bytes.IndexByte(errorText, 0)
//var msg = string(errorText[:index])
fmt.Println("ERROR MESSAGE:", msg)
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_INVALID_HANDLE\n")
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_STILL_EXECUTING\n")
fmt.Printf("Error - OCI_CONTINUE\n")
fmt.Printf("Error - %d\n", result)
panic("OCIEnvCreate error: " + fmt.Sprint(result))
nlsLang := cString("AL32UTF8")
defaultCharset = C.OCINlsCharSetNameToId(unsafe.Pointer(*envPP), (*C.oratext)(nlsLang))
C.OCIHandleFree(unsafe.Pointer(*envPP), C.OCI_HTYPE_ENV)
OCI Documentation Notes
Handle and Descriptor Attributes:
OCI Function Server Round Trips:
OCI examples:
Oracle datatypes:
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