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Welcome to the OctoPrint wiki!

Frequently Asked Questions

Configuring OctoPrint

Assorted Guides


  • OctoPi by Guy Sheffer: A Raspbian-based Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that already includes OctoPrint and mjpg-streamer
  • OctoScript by "algspd": A commandline client for various functions of OctoPrint ready to be used in a print farm setup to concurrently remote control multiple printers/OctoPrint instances
  • OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Case by Learn3DP: A case for the Raspberry Pi with the OctoPrint logo
  • Octowatch by Jason Gullickson: A Pebble app for monitoring your printing progress directly on your wrist.
  • OctoDroid by Moritz Zander: An Android application remote control to monitor/control OctoPrint instances
  • OctoDroid by Marius Gripsgard: An Opensource Android application remote control to monitor/control OctoPrint instances. Source code
  • Project LawnFig: Control your OctoPrint connected printer(s) with a joystick (tested with an Xbox controller)
  • OctoprintUpload: Plugin for new version of Cura for uploading gcode
  • OctoUpload: Automatically upload gcode from Cura (<=15.04) to your OctoPrint server with this plugin
  • Print from Cura: Another plugin that allows you to print directly to an OctoPrint server from Cura (<=15.04)
  • OctoControl: iOS app for OctoPrint
  • PrinterView: a simple web app for viewing the status of multiple OctoPrint instances. Also works well on mobile.
  • OctoControl (Pebble): A Pebble smartwatch app for controlling your printer


Starting with OctoPrint 1.2.0 there's a plugin system in place that allows extending OctoPrint's functionality (see the documentation for some more details on this).

For a list of available plugins, please refer to the official OctoPrint Plugin Repository.

There are further plugins available that are not yet registered with the plugin repository:

  • netconnectd: Client for netconnectd that allows configuration of netconnectd through OctoPrint's settings dialog. It's only available for Linux right now.
  • MatterSlicer: Allows slicing uploaded STL files via MatterSlicer
  • AtCommands: Allows @ commands to be read from gcode files. (Does not seem to be working with current versions of Octoprint - https://github.com/dattas/OctoPrint-Atcommands/issues/1).
  • Filetab: Moves the "Files" component from the sidebar to the tab area (needs some manual fumbling around since it's mostly provided as a proof of concept, README is included)
  • Illuminatrix: Grants Octoprint ability to control a printer lighting system, driven in response to print events.

Additionally, OctoPrint bundles the following plugins:

Language Packs

Please add your language packs here!

french pack for 1.3.0