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This wiki is no longer actively maintained and is going to be migrated to the OctoPrint Community Forums bit by bit. Please do not add new nodes or updates to the content here but instead to the forums. Thank you.

Welcome to the OctoPrint wiki!

Frequently Asked Questions

Configuring OctoPrint

Assorted Guides

Addons and supporting projects

  • OctoPi by Guy Sheffer: A Raspbian-based Linux distribution for the Raspberry Pi that already includes OctoPrint and mjpg-streamer
  • OctoScript by "algspd": A commandline client for various functions of OctoPrint ready to be used in a print farm setup to concurrently remote control multiple printers/OctoPrint instances
  • OctoPrint Raspberry Pi Case by Learn3DP: A case for the Raspberry Pi with the OctoPrint logo
  • Printoid by Anthony Stéphan: An Android Application to remotely control/monitor OctoPrint instances.
  • OctoDroid by Marius Gripsgard: An Opensource Android application remote control to monitor/control OctoPrint instances. Source code
  • OctoDroid by Moritz Zander: An Android application remote control to monitor/control OctoPrint instances. May not be compatible with latest OctoPrint versions
  • Project LawnFig: Control your OctoPrint connected printer(s) with a joystick (tested with an Xbox controller)
  • OctoprintUpload: Plugin for new version of Cura for uploading gcode
  • OctoUpload: Automatically upload gcode from Cura (<=15.04) to your OctoPrint server with this plugin
  • Print from Cura: Another plugin that allows you to print directly to an OctoPrint server from Cura (<=15.04)
  • OctoControl: iOS app for OctoPrint
  • PrinterView: a simple web app for viewing the status of multiple OctoPrint instances. Also works well on mobile.
  • OctoControl (Pebble): A Pebble smartwatch app for controlling your printer
  • Octowatch by Jason Gullickson: A Pebble app for monitoring your printing progress directly on your wrist.
  • OctoPrint-TFT: A OctoPrint touch interface for TFT touch modules
  • OctoClient: iOS app for OctoPrint
  • OctoPod: Free Open Source iOS app for OctoPrint
  • OctoPrint in Docker: Run OctoPrint in a Docker Container


Starting with OctoPrint 1.2.0 there's a plugin system in place that allows extending OctoPrint's functionality (see the documentation for some more details on this).

For a list of available plugins, please refer to the official OctoPrint Plugin Repository.

There are further plugins available that are not yet registered with the plugin repository which can be found in this topic on the community forum.

Additionally, OctoPrint bundles some plugins.

Language Packs

Please add your language packs here!




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