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Configuring Access Control

Gina Häußge edited this page Aug 10, 2013 · 6 revisions

When Access Control is enabled, anonymous users (not logged in) will only see the read-only parts of the UI: printer state, available gcode files and stats (upload is disabled), temperature, webcam, gcode viewer, terminal output (sending commands is disabled) and available timelapse movies.

Logged in users will get access to everything besides the Settings and System Commands, which are admin-only.

If Access Control is disabled, everything is directly accessible.

OctoPrint now ships with Access Control set to enabled.

Upon first start a configuration wizard is provided which allows configuration of the first administrator account or alternatively disabling Access Control (which is NOT recommended for systems that are directly accessible via the Internet!).

In case Access Control was disabled in the configuration wizard, it is possibly to re-run it by editing config.yaml and setting firstRun in the server section and enabled in the accessControl section to true:

  enabled: true
  firstRun: true

If user accounts were created prior to disabling Access Control and those user accounts are not to be used any more, remove .octoprint/users.yaml. If you don't remove this file, the above changes won't lead to the configuration being shown again, instead Access Control will just be enabled using the already existing login data.

Then restart the server and connect to the web interface -- the wizard should be shown again.

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