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Watch the videos

I've recorded several screencasts to demonstrate how to contribute. Here's a playlist of them all. You'll find individual links by the respective sections


Watch video

An example will get you help faster than anything else you do. Create an example by going to

Please post questions to StackOverflow using the angular-formly tag. There's also the mailing list where you can ask/answer questions. Also join us on gitter.

If you file an issue with a question, it will be closed. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to stay sane. :-)

Reporting Bugs / Requesting Features

Watch video

If you've found an issue, please submit it in the issues with a link to a jsbin that demonstrates the issue with

Pull Requests

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

‼️‼️‼️ 👉Please follow our commit message conventions even if you're making a small change! This repository follows the How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library series on (by yours truly). See this lesson and this repo to learn more about the commit message conventions.

Watch video (slightly out of date)

If you would like to add functionality, please submit an issue first to make sure it's a direction we want to take.

Please do the following:

  • Follow the existing styles (we have an .editorconfig file)
  • Document your changes in the README (try to follow the convention you see in the rest of the file)
  • Create an example for the website that demonstrates your changes so people can see how your changes work


  1. run npm install
  2. run npm start (if you're on a windows machine, see this issue)
  3. write tests & code in ES6 goodness :-)
  4. run git add src/
  5. run npm run commit and follow the prompt (this ensures that your commit message follows our conventions).
  6. notice that there's a pre-commit hook that runs to ensure tests pass and coverage doesn't drop to prevent the build from breaking :-)
  7. push your changes
  8. create a PR with a link to the original issue
  9. wait patiently :-)


  • Please don't commit any changes to the dist/ directory. This is only committed for releases.
  • Due to some inconsistencies with angular versions, always use require('angular-fix') rather than simply require('angular')
  • If you wish to view your changes visually, you can play around with it in the local-examples directory. Don't commit anything in this directory, but it's a good sanity check. It's just straight JavaScript with an index.html. I recommend http-server.

What do you need help with?

Helping others!

There are a lot of questions from people as they get started using angular-formly. If you could please do the following things, that would really help:

Contributing to community

  • Create plugins! ideas
  • Write blog posts! Like these
  • Record screencasts
  • Write examples. The website is driven by examples. Watch video

Contributing to the core

  • Tests are always helpful! Watch video
  • Any of the issues in GitHub, let us know if you have some time to fix one. Especially those labeled up-for-grabs