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"""Observable Translations for kivy that change when the language changes.
The functionality of this module is highly inspired by
`kivy-gettext-example <>`.
from kivy.lang import Observable
class ObservableTranslation(Observable):
"""This class allows kivy translations to be updated with the language."""
def __init__(self, translate):
"""Create a new translation object with a translation function.
:param translate: a callable that translates the text. Even when the
language is changed, it returns the text for the currrent language.
self._translate = translate
self._observers = []
def __call__(self, text):
"""Call this object to translate text.
:param str text: the text to translate
:return: the text translated to the current language
return self._translate(text)
def fbind(self, name, func, args, **kwargs):
"""Add an observer. This is used by kivy."""
self._observers.append((name, func, args, kwargs))
def funbind(self, name, func, args, **kwargs):
"""Remove an observer. This is used by kivy."""
key = (name, func, args, kwargs)
if key in self._observers:
def language_changed(self):
"""Update all the kv rules attached to this text."""
for name, func, args, kwargs in self._observers:
func(args, None, None)
__all__ = ["ObservableTranslation"]
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