Issue 76 (unable to maximize thunderbird with shortcut) reaperared in version 0.4.6 #95

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Since version 0.4.6 the Issue #76 reappeared.
When using the option to start Thunderbird minimized to the system tray, it is not possible to open / maximize Thunderbird by calling a shortcut to Thunderbird.

However, when clicking on the icon in the tray the maximization works. Also after minimizing Thunderbird to the tray again, the shortcut starts working.

I am using Gentoo Linux with KDE 4.10.5 and Thunderbird 17.07

foudfou commented Jul 28, 2013

Hi, here is the problem I'm can reproduce:

  1. start Thunderbird with the start application hidden to tray set: TB starts hidden
  2. call thunderbird -firetrayShowHide

What I see:
TB is still hidden.

What I should see:
TB should be shown

Is this what you are describing ?

I think I know what the problem is. Will try to work on it soon.


thats exactly what i mean

foudfou commented Oct 6, 2013

Does ef30cd1 fix the problem ?


Its partially fixed for me:

  1. When using the -firetrayShowHide option -> OK
  2. still not working when simply calling Thunderbird.

I have a shortcut to Thunderbird.

  • when i call it the first time Thunderbird starts minimized. -> OK
  • calling it a second time: nothing happens. -> NOT OK, should show Thunderbird

You may argue, that i have to use the firetrayShowHide option, but if i choose another way it is working:

  • call Thunderbird the first time: Thunderbird starts minimized. -> OK
  • showing / maximizing Thunderbird by clicking th icon -> OK
  • minimizing Thunderbird to tray -> OK
  • calling Thunderbird a second time: showing Thunderbird -> OK

Therefore there is a inconsistency. I think it is the best if just calling Thunderbird shows it, whenever it is minimized to tray. This allows to use the same shortcut for starting and maximizing.

foudfou commented Oct 7, 2013

@tillschaefer how about 6459bc6 ?


works for me!


At last i can confirm that is working for me too after building it just now. Thank you. Only problem when it starts it blinks for 1 second with a grey window but other than that I can maximize it show it after the first start application hidden to tray

Thunderbird 24.0
Elementary os luna (based on Ubuntu 12.04)
Pantheon Shell

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