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Request Routing Plugin for Ruby on Rails

(c) Dan Webb 2006 (

Plugin that allows you to define routing conditions that test methods/properties of the request object such as subdomain, domain, port. You can test them either against a value or with a Regexp (assuming the method returns a String)

UPDATE Now works with the new routing code as implemented in edge rails. Note the change in API: use :conditions instead of :requirements.


ruby script/plugin install git://


In routes.rb you can specify use the :conditions hash with request properties:

map.connect '', :controller => 'main', :conditions => { :subdomain => 'www' }

map.connect 'admin', :controller => 'admin', :conditions => { :remote_ip => /^127\.0\.0\.[0-9]$/ }

You can also, of course, use the conditions hash in map.with_options calls.

The allowed properties are:

:subdomain (only checks the first subdomain)
:domain (only accurate for single tld domain names at the moment)
:host (not supported on rails 1.x. - tested against rails 2.3.9)
:method (a symbol)
:port (a number)
:content_type (content type of the post body)
:request_uri (the entire request uri)
:protocol (either http:// or https://)
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