Using textAngular inside ng-repeat with same name attribute value? #240

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yulric commented Jul 14, 2014

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for the directive. I am trying to use angularjs validation with textAngular but unfortunately I have run into a problem. I have an ng-repeat which repeats an ng-form inside of which I have a textAngular element. However the ng-repeat array can't have more than one element because I get the error "textAngular Error: An editor with the name already exists".I was wondering if there was a way to fix this problem. Thanks a lot for your help.

Edit: Made a plunker so you can see the problem
Once you run the plunker go to the console to see the issue

SimeonC commented Jul 14, 2014

As the error suggests each textAngular directive requires a unique name attribute. There are two solutions to this:

  1. Remove the name attribute and let textAngular dynamically set the name itself (note that this can ).
  2. Use the following: <div text-angular ng-model='item.Model' name='textAngularEditor{{$index}}'></div>

As you're using it inside an ng-form I'm assuming you want to be doing validation so you'll probably want to use option 2.

To help us improve textAngular what would a better error message have been?

yulric commented Jul 15, 2014

Hi thanks for the reply. I think the error message is fine, it explains the problem pretty well. I thought this was an issue since the error was coming from angularjs and not textAngular but I guess I was wrong there. Maybe a note in the docs regarding this feature would be helpful in the future? Thanks for the possible solutions.

@SimeonC SimeonC pushed a commit that closed this issue Jan 20, 2015
SimeonC chore(README): Add FAQ entry for editor name error
Closes #240
@SimeonC SimeonC closed this in 5fefba1 Jan 20, 2015
checat commented Nov 10, 2015

Can't this limitation be removed?

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