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I've noticed that the content editable tag created by the text-angular directive does slightly strange things on internet explorer. Notably, if you type in a url, IE9 automatically converts it to an <a href="..."> tag. That may or may not be a problem (depending on your app), but the user hasn't explicitly made that text into a link (as they would have to do for other browsers - so it's inconsistent).

Apparently this can be fixed (in IE>=5.5) by calling el.execCommand("AutoUrlDetect", false, false) (see here).

I'm fine with doing that myself on my own project, but I figured it should probably be the default on text-angular? Or at least something that has a known fix.


I'm not 100% sure if you can call execCommand() on a particular content editable tag, or if it has to be on the document (in which case it might be a bad idea to include this in text-angular, but perhaps it'd be worth recording the fix somewhere?)

SimeonC commented Jan 6, 2015

Thanks for posting up the issue and fix, execCommand unfortunately cannot be called on a specific instance AFAIK, for now I'll just document it in the readme.

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SimeonC chore(README): Update FAQ for IE Issue
Closes #475
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