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                        NEWS for portupgrade

portupgrade 2.4.15 (release 2017-03-30)

  • pkgdu: Fix syntax error with Ruby 2.3 (invalid next)

portupgrade 2.4.14 (release 2015-05-27)

  • portupgrde -p: Fix new dependencies not getting installed. (#58)
  • Support security vulnerabilities as a build failure reason.
  • Fix ordering of build based on FETCH/PATCH/EXTRACT dependencies. [ports/177365]
  • Don't install missing dependencies which are already satisfied (#62). Note that this purposely causes these missing dependencies to not show in the job (-n) and final results output which is a compromise to at least avoid the wrong packages being installed. The logging issue is in #30.

portupgrade 2.4.13 (released 2014-10-06)

  • portinstall/upgrade -P[P] now supported with pkgng
  • pkg_fetch now supports pkgng
  • Fixed pkg-1.3 delete support to not recurse
  • Fixed portupgrade -b support with pkgng
  • Improved portsclean performance with pkgng (#59)
  • Use service(8) for rc script restarting
  • Show command executions with PORTUPGRADE_DEBUG in environment
  • Deprecate rc script handling in lieu of pkg's HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS in pkg.conf

portupgrade 2.4.12 (released 2013-12-12):

  • Fixed TSort name clash when using bundler

portupgrade (released 2013-12-05):

  • Fix date parsing with pkg_install
  • Show proper origin in 'portupgrade' when duplicates detected
  • Fix crash when attempting to upgrade bsdpan packages

portupgrade (released 2013-09-21):

  • Remove dependency on devel/ruby-date2 for Ruby 1.9

portupgrade (released 2013-09-18):

  • Fix detection of pkg-devel
  • Avoid stack overflow when checking dependencies (#53)

portupgrade 2.4.11 (released 2013-07-21):

  • Pkgdb no longer populates an extra bdb database when using pkgng. This speeds up operation when using pkgng and also avoids extra complexity and possible corruption.

portupgrade (released 2013-07-15):

  • Fix FTP PACKAGESITE encoding / as %2F in Ruby1.9

portupgrade (released 2013-06-29):

  • Change how pkgng support is detected for completions
  • Fix portcvsweb so it uses svnweb.FreeBSD.ORG (#47)
  • Symlink portcvsweb as portsvnweb
  • Fix portcvsweb FreshPorts and datespec support (#49)
  • Add support for WITH_PKGNG=devel

portupgrade (released 2013-03-13):

  • Fix -O flag not always being respected
  • Disable dependency sanity checking with PKGNG as it has its own mechcanism pkg-check(8) for that ports/175841
  • Fix date parsing support with PKGNG ports/175926

portupgrade (released 2013-01-14):

  • Fix crash when HOME is not set in the environment ports/175281

portupgrade (released 2012-12-06):

portupgrade (released 2012-10-18):

portupgrade (released 2012-10-17):

portupgrade 2.4.10 (released 2012-10-14):

portupgrade (released 2012-08-27):

* Fix running portupgrade from a portdir picking that port up as
  the origin to upgrade/install
* Don't run 'make config' when only using packages with -PP
* Fix portinstall -n not listing depends or a summary (#29)
* manpage cleanups
* port{install,upgrade} -n will no longer fetch packages when using
  -P or -PP. Use -F to fetch packages instead. -n implies dry run,
  so it should not be making any modifications to the system.

portupgrade (released 2012-08-25):

  • List of issues fixed:

    • Automatically trace MOVED when upgrading ports (#2, #36, ports/151662)
    • Track and display information on deleted ports when upgrading
    • Always set DISABLE_CONFLICTS when replacing origins / handling MOVED origins
    • Fix error when running portinstall inside of a WRKDIR
    • Fix Frozen string error with 1.9 when using BEFORE/AFTER* hooks in pkgtools.conf
    • Fixed failure being seen as success due to broken script(1) (#8)
      • This only occurs on FreeBSD < 8.1. A working script(1) is now included and installed into PREFIX/libexec/pkgtools for older systems.

portupgrade (released 2012-07-30):

* Fix crash under certain conditions when checking for duplicated origin

portupgrade (released 2012-07-29):

  • List of issues fixed:
    • Fix crash on portsdb -U (#27)
    • portupgrade now shows the new version installed when completed (#28)
    • port[upgrade|install] -v will show recursive depends.
    • Properly respect LOCALBASE [ports/146858]
    • Capture duplicated origins when upgrading and suggest running pkgdb -F instead of crashing

portupgrade (released 2012-05-01):

portupgrade (released 2012-04-26):

portupgrade (released 2011-08-23):

  • Bugfixes.

portupgrade (released 2011-08-22):

  • Bugfixes.

portupgrade (released 2011-08-22):

  • Ruby 1.9 related bugfixes.

portupgrade 2.4.9 (released 2011-08-18):

  • Ruby 1.9 compatibility.

portupgrade 2.4.8 (released 2010-11-23):

  • Bugfixes.

portupgrade 2.4.7 (released 2010-11-08):

  • Bugfixes.

portupgrade 2.4.6 (released 2008-07-11):

  • Fix man pages install.

portupgrade 2.4.5 (released 2008-07-10):

  • [portversion, portversion.1] Document new options.

  • [pkgtools.rb] Do not touch +CONTENTS file if it's not necessary.

  • [pkgmisc.rb] Remove temporary dir with `rm -r'. It could be inner dirs there.

  • [pkgdu] A new utility to display disk usage of installed packages.

portupgrade 2.4.4 (released 2008-07-01):

  • [pkgtools.rb] Close +CONTENTS file. It made a few problems before.

  • [portupgrade.1] Some leftovers removed. Fix .Pp tag.

  • [portupgrade] Fix a failure when -PP specified for some ports.

  • [portversion] Add -F to show a package full name (with a version number) -o to show an origin of a package and -q for quiet output.

  • [portupgrade, pkgmisc.rb] Fix a bug in make arguments quoting. If you had an argument with spaces (e.g. WITH_MODULES="module1 module2"), it was parsed wrong.

  • [portupgrade] Allow upgrade dependencies if -R or -r options specified but main port is up-to-date.

  • [pkgdb.rb, portsdb.rb] If DB can't be updated, remove it and try again.

  • [portupgrade] setproctitle with a port name when 'make config' runs.

  • [portupgrade] If 'make config' fails, show a warning and ignore it.

  • [pkgdb] Do not show 'You do not own pkgdb dir' for root.

portupgrade 2.4.3 (released 2008-02-11):

  • [portupgrade] Fix dependencies list after we gather it. So we will not try to upgrade dependecies when a specified port is up-to-date.

  • [portsclean] Fix a typo in a condition. Now it's work again.

  • [portupgrade] Change a semantic of -q option. Now it means 'quiet'. Don't show a message when -N specified and there is already installed package. (For Peter Hofer. DesktopBSD).

portupgrade 2.4.2 (released 2008-02-04):

  • A few bugs was fixed.

portupgrade 2.4.1 (released 2008-01-29):

  • Bugs fix releasse.

  • [portupgrade] Throw RecursiveDependencyError exception instead of plain ruby error.

portupgrade 2.4.0 (released 2008-01-26):

  • [portupgrade] All dependencies run under portupgrade control now.

  • [portupgrade] -c and -C options was changed. Now portupgrade run make config-conditional and make config accordingly.

  • [pkgdb] Bug fix: remove +REQUIRED_BY file if there are no ports require this one.

portupgrade 2.3.2 (released 2008-01-13):

  • Bugs fix release

portupgrade 2.3.1 (released 2007-07-03):

  • [portupgrade] [pkgbd] Many bug fixes related to the last xorg update to 7.2.0

portupgrade 2.3.0 (released 2007-03-01):

  • [portupgrade] At last all dependencies are tracked by portupgrade.

portupgrade 2.2.6 (released 2007-02-27):

  • [pkgdb] Fix -O option parsing.

  • [portsdb.db] Fix and update language specific categories list.

  • [pkgdb] When run as pkg_which, don't check file existence. It allows to check against accidently removed files. (Asked by skv@).

  • [pkgdb] Fix a bug when only origins worked in ALT_PKGDEP. pkgname globs are very helpful there. (e.g. 'mysql*-server' => 'mysql40-server').

portupgrade 2.2.5 (released 2007-02-26):

  • [pkgdb] Fix issues with ghostscript-afpl vs. ghostscript-gnu, apache13 vs. apache13+mod-ssl, etc. when -F or -L. The ports must be described in ALT_PKGDEP section of pkgtools.conf.

  • [pkgdb] Do not make broken pkgdb.db if no ports installed. nanobsd needs it. (Asked by Nick Hibma <n_hibma@...>)

  • [pkgdb.rb] Speed-up autofix() - add -O option for pkgdb -aF execution.

  • [pkgtools.conf] Describe PKG_SUFX variable. (Submitted by Pavel Gubin).

portupgrade 2.2.4 (released 2007-02-23):

  • [pkgdb] Fix a bug when some dependencies could lost.

  • [pkgdb] -L to allow users fix dependencies those was lost with the bug mentioned above.

  • [pkgdb] -i turns interactive mode on.

  • [pkgdb] Add -O option to turn off dependencies check instead of -d option, that turned it on.

portupgrade 2.2.3 (released 2007-02-16, never released in ports):

  • Fixes reflected last changes in the ports tree.

  • Hide pkgdb -F smartness under -d switch. It makes life harder when there are a lot of ports with a lot of depends. (Asked by marcus@).

portupgrade 2.2.2 (released 2006-11-18):

  • Add UPGRADE_PORT_VER environment variable. Discussed with DougB@ and skv@.

  • Add description of UPGRADE_* environment variables in a portupgrade man page.

  • Add checking size of a lock file before trying read it. It protects us from a ruby error if the file is empty by some reason. (Reported by: Lowell Gilbert

portupgrade 2.2.1 (released 2006-11-12):

  • Raise an error when MOVED file has a wrong format instead of a weird ruby error. (Reported by

  • Fix a bug when -P always treated as -PP.

  • Change PORT_UPGRADE environment variable with UPGRADE_PORT (contains a package name for updating port) and UPGRADE_TOOL=portupgrade. Discussed with and

portupgrade 2.2.0 (released 2006-11-06):

  • Respect INDEXDIR after fetching INDEX (Andrew Pantyukhin

  • Add --batch opition.

  • Add --without-env-upgrade option.

  • Remove -DPACKAGE_BUILDING (it was in fetch-only mode) because it's only for build cluster, not users. (Pointed out by

  • Add detection of stale lock files. They can stay if one of tools suddenly terminated.

  • Improve pkgdb -F - respect OPTIONS and pkgtools.conf settings.

portupgrade 2.1.7 (released 2006-08-14):

  • Make fetch(1) quiet if stdout is not a tty.

  • Highlight summary messages with '**'.

  • Extract common code from pkgdb.rb and portdb.rb in pkgdbtools.rb. So we have a common open/locking/close etc. procedures for both DBs.

  • Do not remove +REQUIRED_BY files when they are empty. pkg_delete(1) works this way. (Requested by: Jeremy Messenger, Doug Barton

  • Bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.1.6 (released 2006-07-23):

  • Move all man pages into own one directory for easier maintain.

  • Bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.1.5 (released 2006-07-01):

  • Try bdb driver first. If it's failed fall back to bdb1 and dbd afterwards. Before the chain was bdb1->dbd, no bdb driver tried.

  • Disable running config for all ports. It should be moved to after depedencies parsing and dependencies parsing should be rerun after config.

  • Fix portupgrade work when stdin closed. It allows to run portupgrade from wrappers.

  • Do not lock pkgdb.db when runned not as root. No writting possible anyway.

  • Other bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.1.4 (released 2006-06-18):

  • Add -e (--emit-summaries) option and show summary messages only when the option defined or verbose mode is on.

  • Allow origins in ALT_PKGDEP. This announced in pkgtools.conf but did not work really.

  • Run 'make config' before all operations unless -j (--jet-mode) option specified.

  • Add lock on operations with pkgdb.db. Now you can safe run a few portupgrade(1).

  • Bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.1.3 (released 2006-06-11):

  • Add ALT_INDEX array to pkgtools.conf. The array holds additional INDEX files. It's useful for local categories.

  • Add to pkgtools.conf a new dirrective: include_hash('glob'). It downloads keys and values from files coincided with 'glob' and returns a filled hash. The glob is related to PREFIX.

  • Add a summary messages on each upgrade/install transaction: how many tasks and how many task done.

portupgrade 2.1.2 (released 2006-06-07):

  • Set both make argument and environment variable to PORT_UPGRADE=yes. It makes possible a port or a package (via install/deinstall scripts) to detect if it builds/installs/deinstalls under portupgrade(1)

  • Add to pkgtools.conf a new directive: include_eval('file') The file will included and evaluated in the place where encountered. The file path looking inside of PREFIX.

  • Add ALT_MOVED array to pkgtools.conf. The array holds alternate MOVED file. E.g. for files in EXTRA_CATEGORIES.

  • Make pkgdb offer install a stale dependency before selecting it from installed.

portupgrade 2.1.1 (released 2006-06-04):

  • Allow set MAKE_ENV in pkgtools.conf. It works like MAKE_ARGS but sets environment variables.

  • Add firefox in a browser list in portcvsweb(1)

  • Add PKG_BACKUP_DIR environment variable to set a directory where old package will keep (when '-b' specified). Default: PKG_PATH

  • Other bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.1.0 (released 2006-06-01):

  • Rewrite version checking. Now it's complete compliant with pkg_version(1) Add mode test in tests/test_pkgversion.rb

  • Make tests/test_pkgdb.rb does not depend on libtool with specific version. Make it depends on ruby port with dynamicaly getting of its full package name.

  • Fix a pointyhat URL. Get rid on URL and alpha platform.

  • Other bugs fixes.

portupgrade 2.0.1 (released 2006-01-03):

  • portversion(1) also reads MOVED and trace origin change, and, when invoked with "-v", displays the new origin.


    % portversion -v screen
    screen-4.0.2_2   <  needs updating (port has 4.0.2_3) (=> 'sysutils/screen')
  • Add "--ignore-moved" to portupgrade(1) and portversion(1). When invoked with this option, both programs totally ignore MOVED. If you encounter strange behaviour of these programs, try this out.

  • Add IGNORE_MOVED option to pkgtools.conf. This can be used to selectively ignore MOVED by pkgs. See pkgtools.conf.sample for details.

  • Keep the order of MOVED entries, and do not trace back to old entries. Previously, when encounters the following entries,

    editors/emacs|editors/emacs19|2004-03-20|emacs 19.x moved to a non-default port location editors/emacs21|editors/emacs|2004-03-20|emacs 21.x moved to default port location

    portupgrade traces as "editors/emacs21" -> "editors/emacs" -> "editors/emacs19". I thought this behavior should not be what we want to, so added this change.

portupgrade 2.0.0 (released 2006-01-01):

  • Change the versioning scheme of portupgrade. portupgrade now becomes 2.0.0!

  • Add FreshPorts support to portcvsweb(1). You can view CVS history via FreshPorts instead of CVSweb by using "portcvsweb -F". See the man page of portcvsweb(1) for details.

  • If the change of the origin is written in MOVED, portupgrade reads and chases it. You no longer need to supply the origin of the new pkg by "-o" option.


    When ftp/wget-devel is moved to ftp/wget, previously you had to run,
    % portupgrade -o ftp/wget wget
    Now, just run
    % portupgrade wget
    and portupgrade will do what you want to do.
  • Try to guess the pkg to be upgraded, when no pkgname is supplied as a command line argument. This can be done only when the current directory is under $PORTSDIR.


    % cd /usr/ports/ftp/wget
    % portupgrade
    will upgrade ftp/wget.
  • The frequency of INDEX generation on official site is now sufficient, recommend to run "portsdb -F" (fetch INDEX from official site) instead of "portsdb -U" (make INDEX by yourself) in portsdb(1). [1]

    Pointed out by: Enrique Matias [1]