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Unlike similar Gulp or Grunt tools, our SVG sprite generator is created for designers who are not fond of coding. This tool simply takes a list of SVG files and make a single sprite file using <symbol> elements.

SVG sprite generator is a helpful for creating icon systems.


This program needs Node.js to run. If Node already existed in your system, use npm to install the generator:

npm install -g svg-sprite-generator


From a directory

Generate sprite from a directory of SVG files

svg-sprite-generate -d path/to/directory/of/svg/files -o path/to/sprite.svg

From a list of SVG files

Or specify SVG files to generate from. File paths can be separated with a comma.

svg-sprite-generate -l path/to/file1.svg,path/to/file2.svg -o path/to/sprite.svg

From a CSV file

Or use a CSV file. The first column contains symbol IDs, the second contains SVG file paths.

duo-alarm-clock, test/svg/duo-alarm-clock.svg
duo-bicycle, test/svg/duo-bicycle.svg

The command

svg-sprite-generate -c path/to/csv.csv -o path/to/sprite.svg

From another sprite file

You can take another sprite file and generate a new one with some modification too.

svg-sprite-generate -s path/to/sprite.svg -l path/to/extra.svg,path/to/another-extra-one.svg -o new-sprite.svg


SVG Sprite Generator is created by the folks at SmartIcons