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RtOsc - Realtime safe OSC Messaging

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A realtime safe library for handling OSC messages. This library is influenced by liblo and libmapper.

Project Goals

  • Provide a simple means of handling OSC messages within an application

  • Provide a flexible method of dispatching OSC messages payloads

  • Create a C library with C++ wrappers for ease of use

  • Allow legacy code to have readable RT safe messaging added on

  • Keep networking outside of project scope


Well if an application is going to receive nice serialized messages in the OSC format, then it would be nice if these messages could be dispatched within a realtime thread. This is not possible with any observed C OSC implementation, so this is an attempt to alleviate this issue without creating an entirely hideous API.


  • OSC 1.0 spec consistent implementation of all message types, and bundles

  • Lightly tested liblo based implementation verification

  • Working C++ based dispatch system

  • C++ Serialization System

  • C++ Syntax Sugar


  • To see the guide, you can use asciidoctor Guide.adoc in the doc directory

  • To build doxygen docs, use make rtosc-doc in your build directory


  • Increase test coverage over C++ layer

  • Provide standard compliant path/pattern matching algorithms