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Funtoo overlay (all funtoo ebuild/eclass changes in one place)
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app-admin ego-0.9.7 with epro JSON fix.
app-arch/gzip FL-1107: unfork tar
app-backup/rsnapshot Regenerate Manifests
app-cdr/cdrtools FL-746: cdrtools update - alpha27
app-dicts/dictd-moby-thesaurus Fix KEYWORDS
app-editors FL-2405: update vim/vim-core, add gvim.
app-emulation FL-2456: fork emul-linux-x86 ebuilds to avoid potential upstream Gent…
app-eselect FL-2240: really remove pdepend
app-i18n FL-770: unfork app-i18n/ibus
app-misc remove circ dep between vzstats and vzctl
app-office clean old libreoffice ebuilds, remov debug ebuild category, it's empty
app-portage change mirror in ebuilds
app-shells FL-2407: fork readline. stabilize bash-4.3.
app-text/mcpdf remove libwpd
dev-cpp/commoncpp2 FL-1094: Fix parallel build failure for dev-cpp/commoncpp2-1.8.1
dev-db/mysql-init-scripts ufork mysql:
dev-java change mirror in ebuilds
dev-lang FL-2296: php-5.5, add libvpx patch
dev-libs FL-2402: restrict klibc's make, high values not honored
dev-lua/luasec FL-732: luasec update
dev-php/xcache FL-1606: fixing digest
dev-python unfork mongoengine, now added in progress
dev-scheme FL-1430: Prevent file collisions with older slotted versions of dev-s…
dev-tex/luatex FL-1400: Make dev-tex/luatex/luatex-0.76.0 available to stable profil…
dev-util FL-2403: update to pkgconf with lot of regression fixes. masked for t…
dev-vcs/git-subtree Regenerate Manifests
eclass FL-1557: fix for mount-boot.eclass remounting /boot as read-only duri…
funtoo FL-2461: exclude plex from bliss overlay:
games-emulation FL-2166: sdlmess/sdlmame fixes
kde-base/kde-meta FL-1876: extent kde-meta with kmail and kmix
licenses remove shorten license. it was a part of a deadbeef push. deadbeef is…
lxde-base/menu-cache FL-1932: add fix to segfault:
lxqt-base FL-2128: lxqt-meta: depend on oxygen-icons, default theme icons
mail-mta/postfix FL-2313: fix ownership again
media-gfx FL-2056/FL-2053: convert openssl/blender
media-libs FL-2211: libclam: add additional patches to gcc-4.8 and libogg
media-plugins/gst-plugins-vaapi FL-1954: disable bundled libvpx, mask avx/avx2 USE
media-sound FL-2400: media-sound/pavucontrol-3.0 bump
media-tv/xbmc clean-up broken xbmc ebuilds
media-video FL-2153: update mpv, change USE to upstream recommendations
metadata Set masters for future compatibility.
net-analyzer FL-2385: Version bump vnstat
net-dns FL-992: dnscrypt-proxy update
net-fs/unfs3 Regenerate Manifests
net-im/profanity [net-im/profanity] 0.4.6 bump. adding readline dep.
net-libs FL-2381: unfork and release mask for rb_libtorrent
net-misc New keychain 2.8.1 release ebuild.
net-p2p FL-2460: fix bitcoin-qt missing deps
net-print [net-print/cups] Version bump.
net-proxy/tsocks Regenerate Manifests
net-wireless hostapd, bluez updates
profiles Fl-2403: unmask pkgconf
sci-electronics/fritzing FL-2395: fritzing: fix desktop file. use qt5
sci-geosciences/grass FL-1753: grass: remove absent docs
sys-apps disable udev support in util-linux:
sys-auth QA-24: Now loosening gnome-keyring dep in pambase, moving from RDEPEN…
sys-boot change grub mirror
sys-cluster FL-2394: new vzctl and ploop, masked for testing.
sys-devel QA-38: gettext was missing an R(DEPEND) for gcc with openmp. Caused a…
sys-firmware/ipxe FL-1450: Cleanup and update sys-firmware/ipxe
sys-fs FL-2368: bump to cryptsetup-1.6.5 to force install of fixed deps.
sys-kernel FL-2414: FL-2423: unfork kst
sys-libs FL-2407: fork readline. stabilize bash-4.3.
sys-power QA-24: networkmanager, acpid, pulseaudio: use pre_scr_compile instead…
sys-process Regenerate Manifests
virtual fix atom typo to previous commit
www-apps/ghost FL-1788: minor corrections
www-plugins [www-servers/tengine] add encrypted_session module +
www-servers FL-2374: delete localhost symlink removal
x11-base/xorg-server FL-2241: app-admin/eselect-* to app-eselect/eselect-* funtoo-overlay …
x11-drivers QA-24: evdev, synaptics, wacom, use pre_src_sompile
x11-libs FL-2378: add libdrm-2.4.61 (masked for testing)
x11-misc FL-2341: add dmenu2
x11-proto/glproto FL-2241: app-admin/eselect-* to app-eselect/eselect-* funtoo-overlay …
x11-themes/faience change mirror in ebuilds
x11-wm FL-2458: update compiz tarball
xfce-base FL-2389: thunar-1.6.10: new release with CPU hog fixes. fix wrong con…
.gitignore add .gitigore stuff for emacs
COPYRIGHT.txt update years
LICENSE.txt copyright fixes and cleanup
README.rst FL-1321: add README.rst to funtoo-overlay for GitHub users.
header.txt Keep header.txt minimal.
skel.ebuild copyright fixes and cleanup
skel.metadata.xml forking gentoo-syntax to funtoo-syntax for vim and skel.{ebuild,metad…


How to Contribute to Funtoo

keywords:funtoo, gentoo, Daniel Robbins
description:This page contains information about how to contribute to Funtoo Linux.
Version: 2014.06.28
Author: Daniel Robbins
Copyright: funtoo

Greetings GitHub Users!

If you are seeing this README file as part of the 'ports-2012' tree, then please note that this is a 'delivery' Portage tree that is automatically generated and used via emerge --sync to deliver tree updates to end-users. Don't file pull requests against this tree -- we can't merge them.

If you are seeing this README as part of the 'funtoo-overlay' tree, then yes, we can merge pull requests. Please open an associated bug at which will be used to track progress on the pull request. (I will be working on automatic integration of JIRA and GitHub, but this isn't done yet, so for now, please open a Funtoo bug as well.)

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