Funtoo overlay (all funtoo ebuild/eclass changes in one place)
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app-admin/ego FL-3563: unfork eselect. no longer required after switching to ego Feb 9, 2017
app-backup/rsnapshot Regenerate Manifests Jul 27, 2014
app-editors mpve sublime-text to flora Jan 29, 2017
app-eselect FL-3463 - missing eselect-ruby ebuild (oops\!) Jan 10, 2017
app-misc change perms on /usr/bin/screen Oct 9, 2016
app-office FL-3563: remove old gnucash ebuilds and update to 2.6.15 Feb 9, 2017
app-shells/bash FL-3563: remove unmaintained funtoo-zsh-completions Feb 18, 2017
dev-java FL-3563: unfork freemarker that is now possible due to jython-2.2 slo… Feb 18, 2017
dev-libs FL-3544: fork xapian-bindings and disable php7 support for time being Feb 19, 2017
dev-lua/luasec FL-3563: remove older luasec nd update to 0.6 Feb 14, 2017
dev-php/xcache FL-1606: fixing digest Oct 9, 2014
dev-python/pyelftools fix missing manifest for pyelftools Feb 27, 2017
dev-scheme/guile FL-3563: FL-990 unfork slib. Feb 16, 2017
dev-util/pkgconf clean up old pkgconf ebuilds and update to 1.2.2, masked for testing Feb 23, 2017
dev-vcs/git-subtree Regenerate Manifests Jul 27, 2014
eclass FL-2991: unfork kde4-funtions.eclass Nov 26, 2015
funtoo add bhenc overlay, remove ebuilds from funtoo-overlay that are from b… Feb 26, 2017
licenses remove shorten license. it was a part of a deadbeef push. deadbeef is… Jan 28, 2015
lxde-base/menu-cache update menu-cache and libfm Sep 21, 2016
mail-mta/postfix update postfix and init script ot use openrc-run Feb 2, 2017
media-gfx/brlcad Unfork freecad. Sep 24, 2015
media-libs/libfpx media-libs/libfpx gcc6 compat patch to fix FL-3569 Feb 15, 2017
metadata Set masters for future compatibility. Dec 19, 2014
net-dns update openresolv-3.8.1. masked for testing Sep 15, 2016
net-firewall/ipset FL-2579: unfork xtables-addons: fine in gentoo-x86 Jul 10, 2015
net-fs/unfs3 FL-2475: unfork nfs-utils. gcc4.9 patch is in gentoo-x86 Sep 19, 2016
net-libs/daq FL-3563: unfork libndp Feb 16, 2017
net-misc add bhenc overlay, remove ebuilds from funtoo-overlay that are from b… Feb 26, 2017
net-wireless FL-3427: fix broadcom SRC_URI and add missing kernel compat patches Dec 5, 2016
profiles QA-494: temporary mask for man-db- Feb 27, 2017
sci-geosciences/gmt FL-2837: unfork qgis, 2.12 version finally added in gentoo-x86 Jan 3, 2016
sys-apps FL-3563: update net-tools with linux-headers patch Feb 20, 2017
sys-auth add introspection use, which does nothing but satisfying app-foo/bar[… Jan 24, 2017
sys-boot FL-3609: boot-update-1.7.5, ready for testing. Feb 28, 2017
sys-cluster/vzctl vzctl-4.9.4-r2: start vzeventd by default (via openrc deps) Nov 6, 2015
sys-firmware/brcm-btusb FL-3563: FL-745: unfork ipxe. fixed by gentoo long time Feb 18, 2017
sys-fs FL-3517: unfork spl and zfs-kmod. now available with 4.9 kern… Feb 15, 2017
sys-kernel FL-3517: unfork spl and zfs-kmod. now available with 4.9 kern… Feb 15, 2017
sys-libs QA-460: fix sys-libs/gpm gcc include, so it able to find own headers,… Oct 22, 2016
sys-power/acpid add test for lid suspend by Steven Asher Dec 27, 2016
sys-process FL-3574: update glances, whcih has docker and openvz fixes Feb 13, 2017
virtual FL-3382: fix notfication deps Nov 18, 2016
www-apps/ghost FL-1788: minor corrections Jan 19, 2015
www-client/firefox-developer-bin update firefox-developer-bin tarball Feb 26, 2017
www-servers/nginx fix nginx auth_pam module tarball Jan 25, 2017
x11-drivers/ati-drivers restrict gcc dep in ati-drivers Jul 4, 2016
x11-libs update libfm Dec 11, 2016
xfce-base FL-2998: add more lockers to xflock4 Feb 22, 2017
.gitignore add .gitigore stuff for emacs Apr 27, 2013
COPYRIGHT.txt update years Jun 30, 2014
LICENSE.txt copyright fixes and cleanup Jul 26, 2012
README.rst FL-1321: add README.rst to funtoo-overlay for GitHub users. Jun 29, 2014
header.txt Keep header.txt minimal. May 10, 2015
skel.ebuild copyright fixes and cleanup Jul 26, 2012
skel.metadata.xml forking gentoo-syntax to funtoo-syntax for vim and skel.{ebuild,metad… Aug 21, 2011


How to Contribute to Funtoo

keywords:funtoo, gentoo, Daniel Robbins
description:This page contains information about how to contribute to Funtoo Linux.
Version: 2014.06.28
Author: Daniel Robbins
Copyright: funtoo

Greetings GitHub Users!

If you are seeing this README file as part of the 'ports-2012' tree, then please note that this is a 'delivery' Portage tree that is automatically generated and used via emerge --sync to deliver tree updates to end-users. Don't file pull requests against this tree -- we can't merge them.

If you are seeing this README as part of the 'funtoo-overlay' tree, then yes, we can merge pull requests. Please open an associated bug at which will be used to track progress on the pull request. (I will be working on automatic integration of JIRA and GitHub, but this isn't done yet, so for now, please open a Funtoo bug as well.)