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Meta-repo is a git repository that contains all the ports trees for Funtoo Linux. Meta-repo also contains pointers to kits, which are functional units of ebuilds used by Funtoo Linux, and which are managed by Funtoo Linux's personality tool, ego.

Using Meta-Repo

To use meta-repo as your meta-repository for Funtoo Linux, first make sure that you have not defined PORTDIR in /etc/make.conf to point to a specific Portage repository location. If you have PORTDIR defined, comment it out or remove this line. Then, perform the following steps as root to set up a temporary ego instance:

# cd /var/tmp
# git clone
# cd ego
# ./ego sync

The ./ego sync action will create a meta-repo at /var/git/meta-repo, along with kits, and also update your /etc/portage/repos.conf directory and /etc/portage/make.profile/parent file to work with ego and Funtoo Linux's meta-repo.

You can use this temporary ego installation as needed until you are able to emerge a recent version of ego directly. As long as you run the ego command within the git repository, it should run self-hosted from the repository. Some functionality such as MediaWiki document retrieval (ego doc and query functionality ego query) will not work without the mwparserfromhell and appi modules being installed, but ego sync and ego profile commands should work.

Updating to Meta-Repo with Funtoo Containers

If you are a Funtoo Container user, you can enable meta-repo in your container by making sure that you remove the PORTDIR=/var/src/portage line from /etc/make.conf. Then follow the steps above to clone a git master version of ego into /var/tmp/ego, but do not run ego sync as the last step; instead, run this variation of the command as the last step:

# ./ego sync --config-only

This won't actually update any files in meta-repo, since it's read-only, but will update your local /etc/portage/repos.conf directory and /etc/portage/make.profile/parent to work with meta-repo.

As above, you can now use the self-hosted git version of ego until your system is fully upgraded and you have a local version of ego installed.

Updating Meta-Repo

From now on you will be using ego sync to update the Portage tree:

# ego sync

For read-only meta-repo configurations like the default meta-repo on Funtoo Containers, you can periodically use the read-only equivalent to ensure that any new kits are properly enabled and accounted for:

# ego sync --config-only

The emerge -auDN @world command may be used to update your system.

Reporting Bugs

To report bugs or suggest improvements to meta-repo, please use the Funtoo Linux bug tracker at Thank you! :)

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