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Prefix for classes #1

makasim opened this Issue · 6 comments

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It would be better if all classes in the library have prefix like lfCaller or like PEAR Services_LastFm_Caller.
In this way we'll avoid a lot of troubles with class names conflicts.

What do you think?


Yeah, you're right. I also thought of that, but never changed it. I think I'll go with "LastfmCaller", "LastfmAlbum", etc.


You could just use namespaces.


true. don't want to restrict it to PHP >= 5.3 though.


Yeh, agreed. Maybe include an example of how to use with namespaces.


I created a fork that is namespaced with LastFM_ ie LastFM_Artist etc...

I also added the Chart api and changed the __autoload function to use spl_autoload_register() to avoid conflicts.


I have a PSR-0 compliant namedspaced fork here for those interested:

It also has a composer.json for easy installation and autoloading in many workspaces.

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