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Beacon Project, ELIXIR & Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

Beacon Project

The Beacon project is a repository for the ecosystem of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) "Beacon" genomic data discovery & federation API. The Beacon project(s) is supported by ELIXIR, the European bioinformatics infrastructure organization, but involves many international collaborators.

Inside GA4GH the Beacon project is part of the Discovery work stream.

The main website of the Beacon project can be found at On the Beacon v2 documentation site you will find detailed information about the Beacon v2 API and its use.


  1. beacon-v2 Public

    Unified repository for the GA4GH Beacon v2 API standard

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  2. Website of ELIXIR Beacon - A GA4GH Driver Project

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  3. Tool to verify that a Beacon implementation follows the specification

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  4. Test cases, tools and discussions for Beacon v2 networks

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