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Import Error with Django 1.5.5 & 1.6 #394

Koed00 opened this Issue Oct 26, 2013 · 13 comments

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Koed00 commented Oct 26, 2013

Lettuce will raise ImportError: cannot import name WSGIServerException with Django 1.5.5

Looks like a change for Django 1.6 sneaked into 1.5.5 and the backwards compatibility fix for this won't be available until 1.6


Also breaks Django 1.6 which was released today.

Koed00 commented Nov 7, 2013

It's now documented with Django 1.6 that WSGIServerException is deprecated and is replaced by socket.error

The undocumented django.core.servers.basehttp.WSGIServerException has been removed.
Use socket.error provided by the standard library instead. This change was also released in Django 1.5.5

To stay backward compatible we can fix this with something like:

    from django.core.servers.basehttp import (WSGIServerException as wsgi_server_exc)
except ImportError:
     wsgi_server_exc = socket.error

See #400 for a patch.


2d4de1f fixed this in master branch, but there is no PyPi release with this fix.


What's missing to push this to PyPi? Can we help?

gigimon commented May 16, 2014

From master works normal


@gigimon it is fixed in master. Pushing to PyPi to get it with pip is the only thing missing to mark the bug as closed.

danni commented May 18, 2014

0.2.19 was released to pip.

@danni danni closed this May 18, 2014

@danni just tried it and it is still failing with the same issue..


This is still an issue for me as well. Any updates on this?


Fails for me too


Fails for me too

danni commented Jun 3, 2014

@gabrielfalcao any clues why master works but 0.2.19 doesn't?

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