Automated script for giving missed calls to some annoying friends(Tit for Tat)
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Missed Call Dabster

Automated script for giving missed calls to some annoying friends(Tit for Tat)


This application can be a great fun if you just want to tease your friends or want to teach them a lesson for giving you missed calls. With the coming of 1Paisa Per Second scheme on almost all the mobile networks in India, this application can never cost you anything since even if someone picks up the call, then too you'll only be charge 1paisa, and by using this application, the chances of your call being picked is negligible.(8 in 1000)

How to use it

Right now this is just a shell script written in python but still it works great, here's how you can get this code to work:

  1. Install Python: at first, install Python for series 60 on your cellphone.(You can download it from sourceforge)
  2. Install Python Shell: Now Install the unsigned shell version from that same page appropriate for your phone(but sign it with the certificate specifically for your phone before installing)
  3. Copy the Miss Call Dabster Code(that you downloaded from the download section here) to your cellphone
  4. Open Python Shell in your cellphone
  5. Select run script in the options
  6. Select the Script you copied above
  7. Press Up Arrow key start entering the phone number of the victim or test subject
  8. Now tell it how many times you want to give him/her missed calls
  9. Put the phone aside and continue your work till the missed calls are being made
  10. In case you got pity on the victim and want to stop giving him/her missed calls then press the RED END KEY (the one with which you usually disconnect calls) to terminate the execution of the application
  11. If in case the program gives error messages after giving the number instead of dialing then press the Down Arrow Key to reset the configurations and then press the Up Arrow Key again