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Kafka Docker

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Spins up a Docker Swarm with a Docker Stack, including containers for Kafka, Zookeeper, Kafka Manager, MongoDB, Mongo Express, Zuul, Eureka Server, and the three Storefront microservices. For use with my two-part post, Using Eventual Consistency
and Spring for Kafka to Manage a Distributed Data Model. Note there is no persistent storage backing Kafka or MongoDB.

In the Docker Compose file, you can chose uncomment the Kafka and MongoDB ports to expose them for local development.


Build Docker Swarm and deploy Docker Stack.

docker swarm init
sh ./

Delete (3) MongoDB databases, (3) Kafka topics, create sample data by hitting Zuul API Gateway endpoints, and return MongoDB documents as verification.

python3 ./


$ docker stack ls
NAME                SERVICES
storefront          10

$ docker stack services storefront

ID                  NAME                       MODE                REPLICAS            IMAGE                                        PORTS
ID                  NAME                       MODE                REPLICAS            IMAGE                                        PORTS
2b8h3jhbnqfy        storefront_mongo_express   replicated          1/1                 mongo-express:latest                         *:8081->8081/tcp
5rwt5ayi20md        storefront_accounts        replicated          1/1                 garystafford/storefront-accounts:latest
6d3uxc08s4ko        storefront_mongo           replicated          1/1                 mongo:latest                                 *:27017->27017/tcp
ezkh59y3kncd        storefront_kafka_manager   replicated          1/1                 hlebalbau/kafka-manager:latest               *:9000->9000/tcp
gzz4o5q1v7dr        storefront_fulfillment     replicated          1/1                 garystafford/storefront-fulfillment:latest
jk2twiamz474        storefront_zuul            replicated          1/1                 garystafford/storefront-zuul:latest          *:8080->8080/tcp
nx23d9aef15o        storefront_zookeeper       replicated          1/1                 wurstmeister/zookeeper:latest                *:2181->2181/tcp
qggjcswrfv6m        storefront_eureka          replicated          1/1                 garystafford/storefront-eureka:latest        *:8761->8761/tcp
ty4u7r09org5        storefront_kafka           replicated          1/1                 wurstmeister/kafka:latest                    *:9092->9092/tcp
vn1as2p93jrf        storefront_orders          replicated          1/1                 garystafford/storefront-orders:latest

$ docker container ls

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                        COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                                  NAMES
749199f2c84a        mongo-express:latest                         "tini -- node app"       38 seconds ago       Up 36 seconds       8081/tcp                               storefront_mongo_express.1.arjli02nc06p9901y47hpevfl
814b801940ea        wurstmeister/kafka:latest                    ""         About a minute ago   Up About a minute                                          storefront_kafka.1.q8d4jw0bcbdmcjrhvjt35p4hv
aea969916f7e        garystafford/storefront-eureka:latest        "java -jar…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          8761/tcp                               storefront_eureka.1.r0ag0rtf5dgxjkipcbgy4phdk
894d57522cf5        garystafford/storefront-zuul:latest          "java -jar…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          8761/tcp                               storefront_zuul.1.vaw0ot7l7yktke2e4skf1dmg2
b650d357d787        hlebalbau/kafka-manager:latest               "/kafka-manager/bin/…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours                                                 storefront_kafka_manager.1.heequi6l9ylxqwos5bx47imh2
a93b12beb396        garystafford/storefront-fulfillment:latest   "java -jar…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          8080/tcp                               storefront_fulfillment.1.u1o4rahz0decqpmokmefx9n8a
af280e77f975        wurstmeister/zookeeper:latest                "/bin/sh -c '/usr/sb…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          22/tcp, 2181/tcp, 2888/tcp, 3888/tcp   storefront_zookeeper.1.xbg8xetfof68l89ex4w155gnw
f2c82d998ac8        garystafford/storefront-accounts:latest      "java -jar…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          8080/tcp                               storefront_accounts.1.vceb6iz8kehkssvni7hplsd0q
aab1d81eb677        garystafford/storefront-orders:latest        "java -jar…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          8080/tcp                               storefront_orders.1.sh4klmcnbilg5t33yqd2uzll4
bb2d8ffebafd        mongo:latest                                 "docker-entrypoint.s…"   4 hours ago          Up 4 hours          27017/tcp                              storefront_mongo.1.tg6oa5t75wv2vow2hpoh6q871
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