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Updated R and Stata code and data from Bhaskaran IJE 2013
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Updated R and Stata code and data from Bhaskaran IJE 2013

A tutorial on time series analysis applied to environmental epidemiology, with an example on the association of mortality with air pollution and temperature. The R code reproduces completely the example included in the following article, illustrating the various analytical steps:

Bhaskaran K, Gasparrini A, Hajat S, Smeeth L, Armstrong B. Time series regression studies in environmental epidemiology. International Journal of Epidemiology. 2013;42(4):1187-1195. [freely available here]

Simple analyses with DLMs are also included, using functions in the R package dlnm.

The material:

  • londondataset2002_2006.dta stores the dataset used in the illustrative examples in a Stata data format
  • Rcode.R is the R code the reproduce the examples
  • is the Stata code to reproduce the examples

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