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set logging file maze-gdb-output.txt
set logging overwrite on
set logging on
break maze.c:13
display $esp
display $ebp
echo \nInspect the stack frames:\n\n
i s
echo \nLet's see where our mouse has been:\n
print ** (maze_t **) ($esp + 16)
print ** (maze_t **) ($esp + 32)
print ** (maze_t **) ($esp + 48)
print ** (maze_t **) ($esp + 64)
print ** (maze_t **) ($esp + 80)
echo \nInspect stack contents as words. These are converted little-endian
echo \nfrom individual bytes into 4-byte numbers:\n\n
x/25wx $esp
echo \nAnd here is assembly code for main and explore:\n
disas main
disas explore