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* sciwrappers.h - this file is part of Geany, a fast and lightweight IDE
* Copyright 2005-2012 Enrico Tröger <enrico(dot)troeger(at)uvena(dot)de>
* Copyright 2006-2012 Nick Treleaven <nick(dot)treleaven(at)btinternet(dot)com>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
* with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
* 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
#include "Scintilla.h"
#include "ScintillaWidget.h"
gchar* sci_get_string (ScintillaObject *sci, guint msg, gulong wParam);
void sci_set_line_numbers (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set, gint extra_width);
void sci_set_mark_long_lines (ScintillaObject *sci, gint type, gint column, const gchar *color);
void sci_set_text (ScintillaObject *sci, const gchar *text);
void sci_add_text (ScintillaObject *sci, const gchar *text);
gboolean sci_can_redo (ScintillaObject *sci);
gboolean sci_can_undo (ScintillaObject *sci);
gboolean sci_has_selection (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_undo (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_redo (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_empty_undo_buffer (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_end_undo_action (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_start_undo_action (ScintillaObject *sci);
gboolean sci_is_modified (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_visible_eols (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_set_lines_wrapped (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_set_visible_white_spaces(ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_convert_eols (ScintillaObject *sci, gint eolmode);
gint sci_get_eol_mode (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_eol_mode (ScintillaObject *sci, gint eolmode);
void sci_zoom_in (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_zoom_out (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_zoom_off (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_marker_at_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line_number, gint marker);
void sci_delete_marker_at_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line_number, gint marker);
void sci_toggle_marker_at_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gint marker);
gboolean sci_is_marker_set_at_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gint marker);
gint sci_marker_next (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gint marker_mask, gboolean wrap);
gint sci_marker_previous (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gint marker_mask, gboolean wrap);
gint sci_get_col_from_position (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position);
gint sci_get_line_from_position (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position);
gint sci_get_position_from_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
gint sci_get_current_position (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_current_position (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position, gboolean scroll_to_caret);
void sci_set_current_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_cut (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_copy (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_paste (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_clear (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_selection_start (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_selection_end (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_replace_sel (ScintillaObject *sci, const gchar *text);
gint sci_get_selection_mode (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_selection_mode (ScintillaObject *sci, gint mode);
gint sci_get_pos_at_line_sel_start(ScintillaObject*sci, gint line);
gint sci_get_pos_at_line_sel_end (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_set_selection_start (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position);
void sci_set_selection_end (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position);
void sci_set_selection (ScintillaObject *sci, gint anchorPos, gint currentPos);
gint sci_get_length (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_get_text (ScintillaObject *sci, gint len, gchar *text);
gchar* sci_get_contents (ScintillaObject *sci, gint len);
void sci_get_selected_text (ScintillaObject *sci, gchar *text);
gint sci_get_selected_text_length(ScintillaObject *sci);
gchar* sci_get_selection_contents (ScintillaObject *sci);
gchar* sci_get_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line_num);
gint sci_get_line_length (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
gint sci_get_line_count (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_position_from_xy (ScintillaObject *sci, gint x, gint y, gboolean nearby);
void sci_set_undo_collection (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
gint sci_get_line_end_position (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_toggle_fold (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
gboolean sci_get_line_is_visible (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_ensure_line_is_visible (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
gint sci_get_fold_level (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
gint sci_get_fold_parent (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start_line);
void sci_set_folding_margin_visible (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
gboolean sci_get_fold_expanded (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_colourise (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start, gint end);
void sci_clear_all (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_end_styled (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_tab_width (ScintillaObject *sci, gint width);
gint sci_get_tab_width (ScintillaObject *sci);
gchar sci_get_char_at (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos);
void sci_set_savepoint (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_indentation_guides (ScintillaObject *sci, gint mode);
void sci_use_popup (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean enable);
void sci_goto_pos (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos, gboolean unfold);
void sci_set_search_anchor (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_anchor (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos);
void sci_scroll_caret (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_scroll_lines (ScintillaObject *sci, gint lines);
void sci_scroll_columns (ScintillaObject *sci, gint columns);
gint sci_search_next (ScintillaObject *sci, gint flags, const gchar *text);
gint sci_search_prev (ScintillaObject *sci, gint flags, const gchar *text);
gint sci_find_text (ScintillaObject *sci, gint flags, struct Sci_TextToFind *ttf);
void sci_set_font (ScintillaObject *sci, gint style, const gchar *font, gint size);
void sci_goto_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gboolean unfold);
void sci_marker_delete_all (ScintillaObject *sci, gint marker);
gint sci_get_style_at (ScintillaObject *sci, gint position);
void sci_set_symbol_margin (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_set_codepage (ScintillaObject *sci, gint cp);
void sci_clear_cmdkey (ScintillaObject *sci, gint key);
void sci_assign_cmdkey (ScintillaObject *sci, gint key, gint command);
void sci_get_text_range (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start, gint end, gchar *text);
gchar* sci_get_contents_range (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start, gint end);
void sci_selection_duplicate (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_line_duplicate (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_insert_text (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos, const gchar *text);
void sci_target_from_selection (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_target_start (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start);
void sci_set_target_end (ScintillaObject *sci, gint end);
gint sci_get_target_end (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_replace_target (ScintillaObject *sci, const gchar *text, gboolean regex);
void sci_set_keywords (ScintillaObject *sci, guint k, const gchar *text);
gint sci_get_lexer (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_lexer (ScintillaObject *sci, guint lexer_id);
void sci_set_readonly (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean readonly);
gint sci_get_zoom (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_send_command (ScintillaObject *sci, gint cmd);
gint sci_get_current_line (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_lines_selected (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_first_visible_line (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_indicator_set (ScintillaObject *sci, gint indic);
void sci_indicator_fill (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos, gint len);
void sci_indicator_clear (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos, gint len);
void sci_select_all (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_line_indent_position(ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_set_line_indentation (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line, gint indent);
gint sci_get_line_indentation (ScintillaObject *sci, gint line);
void sci_set_autoc_max_height (ScintillaObject *sci, gint val);
gint sci_find_matching_brace (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pos);
gint sci_get_overtype (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_set_tab_indents (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_set_use_tabs (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_set_scrollbar_mode (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean visible);
void sci_set_caret_policy_x (ScintillaObject *sci, gint policy, gint slop);
void sci_set_caret_policy_y (ScintillaObject *sci, gint policy, gint slop);
void sci_set_scroll_stop_at_last_line (ScintillaObject *sci, gboolean set);
void sci_cancel (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_get_position_after (ScintillaObject *sci, gint start);
void sci_lines_split (ScintillaObject *sci, gint pixelWidth);
void sci_lines_join (ScintillaObject *sci);
gint sci_text_width (ScintillaObject *sci, gint styleNumber, const gchar *text);
void sci_move_selected_lines_down (ScintillaObject *sci);
void sci_move_selected_lines_up (ScintillaObject *sci);
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