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Python RSS-2-IRC bot

This is a simple bot which fetches RSS feeds and posts them to an IRC channel.


  • python2
  • pip
  • virtualenv (pip2 install virtualenv)


  • Saves feeds and news items in a sqlite database
  • Fetches every feed in a separate thread
  • Posts new news items to an IRC channel
  • Sends information via private messages

Bot's commands:

    Send all commands as a private message to Feed
    - !help         Prints this help
    - !list         Prints all feeds
    - !stats        Prints some statistics
    - !last         Prints the last 25 entries
    - !lastfeed <feedid> Prints the last 25 entries from a specific feed


Clone this repository and change into the directory. Create a new virtualenv and activate it:

virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate

Proceed with the installation of all dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt

If you get an error that sqlite3worker couldn't be installed, use

pip install git+

and retry the installation.

Copy the sample files:

cp feeds.sql.sample feeds.sql

Edit to fit your needs and IRC settings. All feeds from feeds.sql will be imported on the first start.

You might want to update all feeds before connecting to the IRC server to prevent spamming the channel (and optionally a ban from your IRC server). Either set update_before_connecting = True in the or run the update script before starting the bot:


To start the bot, run:


Adding feeds

To add a new feed, edit the feeds.sql and import it to your sqlite database:

sqlite3 feeds.db < feeds.sql

And restart the bot.


See LICENSE for more information.