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OSM OAuth Protector Cookie Client

This Python tool makes automated downloading of files from a website which protected by sendfile_osm_oauth_protector easier. It only works if the admistrator of the server permits automated access by providing an API for automated OAuth authentication and authorization. This API is implemented in in this repository.

What does this tool do?

This tool requests an temporary OAuth request token by sending a POST request to https://PROTECTED_WEBSITE/get_cookie?action=request_token (The API itself retrieves that token from OSM). Using that token, the program scrapes the login and OAuth authorization forms of It is a reimplementation of the automatic OAuth authorization procedure of JOSM. After filling out the login and authorization forms, the program sends a second POST request to https://PROTECTED_WEBSITE/get_cookie?action=get_access_token_cookie&format=http to retrieve the cookie to be used. The parameter format determines the output format. Possible values are http for the value of the HTTP Set-Cookie header or netscape for the content of a Netscape cookie jar file.

Your OpenStreetMap username and password has to be saved in plain text on the machine which runs this program!


You can retrieve a cookie using this tool with following command. The cookie will be written to cookie_output_file.txt.

python3 -o cookie_output_file.txt -s settings.json

settings.json is a JSON file to store the settings if you don't want them include in your command line invokation:

  "user": "my_osm_username",
  "password": "very_secret_and_difficult",
  "osm_host": "",
  "consumer_url": ""

Which changes are necessary to your existing toolchain? How do I call Wget or Curl?

  • You must provide a valid cookie for each request.
  • You can check if your cookie is valid using the cookie status API. If this API tells you that your cookie expired, you have to re-run this program to retrieve a new one and try your request again.

If you use wget to download files, add --load-cookies /path/to/cookie_file --max-redirect 0 to your invokation of wget.

If you use curl to download files, add --cookie $(cat /path/to/cookie_file) to your invokation of wget.


wget --load-cookies cookie_output_file.txt
curl -b 'gf_download_oauth="login|2018-04-12|OuXe89NBSnaI57CZvxdha575IsKkO3xUO5wr4JsLm9imk7oHi6Kqx69RbfgCYmNvNX4BacDUOfFKgmD2ixdFDDd9Csh82t6WIf8pv1C3EWVtuLMxqdpeoxrZurgO6QEdUzTtR97GmIWdbiYBw4aBmhKQJRzD1TEl0-AlrEylTnmh-9ge0KvzVCHVwv3_U_2Ya-if5mm-g_-mmLr_EOHM1SHclvtysF6f2V2G8UrJ8N8kgyXAtt38NzZxNJ0490JMJu_Byb1EJs9yB_izRg=="'
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