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JSON reporting plugin for Gauge


Install through Gauge

gauge install json-report

Installing specific version:

gauge install json-report --version 0.1.0

Offline installation

gauge install json-report --file <path_to_plugin_zip_file>


Add this plugin to your Gauge project by registering it in manifest.json file. You can also do this by:

gauge install json-report

By default, reports are generated in reports/json-report directory of your Gauge project. You can set a custom location by setting the below mentioned property in file of env/default directory.

#The path to the gauge reports directory. Should be either relative to the project directory or an absolute path
gauge_reports_dir = reports

You can also choose to override the reports after each execution or retain all of them as follows.

#Set as false if gauge reports should not be overwritten on each execution. A new time-stamped directory will be created on each execution.
overwrite_reports = true

Build from Source



go run build/make.go

For cross-platform compilation

go run build/make.go --all-platforms


After compilation

go run build/make.go --install

Installing to a CUSTOM_LOCATION

go run build/make.go --install --plugin-prefix CUSTOM_LOCATION

Creating distributable

Note: Run after compiling

go run build/make.go --distro

For distributable across platforms: Windows and Linux for both x86 and x86_64

go run build/make.go --distro --all-platforms


  • Identify/pick an issue
  • raise a pull request
  • one of the maintainers should review and merge.


Github Actions have been setup for test/deploy of this project. Tests will run for all pull requests, however to make a release, a deployment has to be triggered.

To do a release: