Maven plugin to run gauge specs
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This plugin is used to integrate gauge with maven so that the specs can be run using maven.

Maven plugin to run Gauge specs.


Add to project

Add the below snippet to pom.xml


Executing specs

Run the below command to execute specs

mvn gauge:execute -DspecsDir=specs

Execute specs In parallel

mvn gauge:execute -DspecsDir=specs -DinParallel=true

Execute specs by tags expression

mvn gauge:execute -DspecsDir=specs -Dtags="!in-progress"

Specifying execution environment

mvn gauge:execute -DspecsDir=specs -Denv="dev"

As a part of maven test phase

Run gauge specs in project as a part of maven test phase by adding the below execution to yor pom.xml


mvn test command will also run gauge specs if the above mentioned execution is added to the projects pom.xml

All Properties

The following plugin properties can be additionally set:

Property name Usage Description
specsDir -DspecsDir=specs Gauge specs directory path. Required for executing specs
tags -Dtags="tag1 & tag2" Filter specs by specified tags expression
inParallel -DinParallel=true Execute specs in parallel
nodes -Dnodes=3 Number of parallel execution streams. Use with parallel
env -Denv=qa gauge env to run against
flags -Dflags="--verbose,--simpleConsole" Add additional gauge flags to execution



GNU Public License version 3.0 Gauge maven plugin is released under GNU Public License version 3.0


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