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sample project using the socketio-client-ue4
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Socket IO Client UE4 Example Project

Reference implementation of chat client in ue4 using blueprints and umg.

UE4 Client Plugin repository:

Post questions to the SocketIO Unreal Forum Thread or contribute to or open new issues at

Feel free to fork, update, contribute, or add other examples.

Installation and Setup

Short Video

Install and Go


  1. Download Latest Release
  2. Unzip into a folder of your choice

Server and Web Client

  1. Install node.js
  2. Navigate to server and open a command window at address (e.g. shift right click folder and open command window here)
  3. type npm install to install dependencies
  4. type node index to start the server
  5. Use the WebClient shortcut in the zip root folder or type localhost:3000 in your browser to test the web client

UE4 Client

  1. Navigate to sioclient folder and Open sioclient.uproject
  2. Once loaded, hit Play the client should auto-connect to your server
  3. watch messages from your web client stream in or press m to send a basic message to all clients.
  4. press enter to capture keyboard focus


  • Ending play in ue4 client will auto-disconnect the client.
  • Closing the command window will shutdown your server.
  • Closing your web browser will auto-disconnect your web client
  • Blueprints used should be fairly documented, explore them to find out how it all works
  • See for detailed plugin API



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