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import tensorflow as tf
import unreal_engine as ue
from TFPluginAPI import TFPluginAPI
class ExampleAPI(TFPluginAPI):
#expected optional api: setup your model for training
def onSetup(self):
self.sess = tf.InteractiveSession()
#self.graph = tf.get_default_graph()
self.a = tf.placeholder(tf.float32)
self.b = tf.placeholder(tf.float32)
self.c = self.a + self.b
#expected optional api: parse input object and return a result object, which will be converted to json for UE4
def onJsonInput(self, jsonInput):
feed_dict = {self.a: jsonInput['a'], self.b: jsonInput['b']}
rawResult =,feed_dict)
return {'c':rawResult.tolist()}
#custom function to change the op
def changeOperation(self, type):
if(type == '+'):
self.c = self.a + self.b
elif(type == '-'):
self.c = self.a - self.b
#expected optional api: start training your network
def onBeginTraining(self):
#NOTE: this is a module function, not a class function. Change your CLASSNAME to reflect your class
#required function to get our api
def getApi():
#return CLASSNAME.getInstance()
return ExampleAPI.getInstance()
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