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// This software is part of OpenMono, see
// and is available under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt
#ifndef mono__mono_power_management__
#define mono__mono_power_management__
#include "power_management_interface.h"
#include "act8600_power_system.h"
namespace mono {
class ApplicationContext; // forward decl.
namespace mono { namespace power {
class MonoPowerManagement : public IPowerManagement, IRunLoopTask
friend mono::ApplicationContext;
uint8_t DriveModeRegisters[3*9];
bool batteryLowFlag, batteryEmptyFlag;
ACT8600PowerSystem powerSubsystem;
void taskHandler();
void processResetAwarenessQueue();
void setupMCUPeripherals();
void powerDownMCUPeripherals();
void powerUpMCUPeripherals();
void saveDMRegisters();
void saveDMPort(uint32_t regAddrOffset, uint8_t *destOffset);
void restoreDMRegisters();
void restoreDMPort(uint32_t regAddrOffset, uint8_t *srcOffset);
void systemLowBattery();
void systemEmptyBattery();
void EnterSleep() { EnterSleep(false); }
void EnterSleep(bool skipAwarenessQueues);
} }
#endif /* defined(__i2c_power_test__cy_power_management__) */