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Official Sentry SDK for Go

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sentry-go provides a Sentry client implementation for the Go programming language. This is the next generation of the Go SDK for Sentry, intended to replace the raven-go package.

Looking for the old raven-go SDK documentation? See the Legacy client section here. If you want to start using sentry-go instead, check out the migration guide.


The only requirement is a Go compiler.

We verify this package against the 3 most recent releases of Go. Those are the supported versions. The exact versions are defined in GitHub workflow.

In addition, we run tests against the current master branch of the Go toolchain, though support for this configuration is best-effort.


sentry-go can be installed like any other Go library through go get:

$ go get

Check out the list of released versions.


To use sentry-go, you’ll need to import the sentry-go package and initialize it with your DSN and other options.

If not specified in the SDK initialization, the DSN, Release and Environment are read from the environment variables SENTRY_DSN, SENTRY_RELEASE and SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT, respectively.

More on this in the Configuration section of the official Sentry Go SDK documentation.


The SDK supports reporting errors and tracking application performance.

To get started, have a look at one of our examples:

We also provide a complete API reference.

For more detailed information about how to get the most out of sentry-go, checkout the official documentation:



Licensed under The 2-Clause BSD License, see LICENSE.


Join Sentry's #go channel on Discord to get involved and help us improve the SDK!