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<title>Git for Writers: Participate</title>
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<h1><a href="" rel="home">Git for Writers</a></h1>
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A guide to version tracking, revision, and collaboration for open-source writing.
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<h2>How to Participate in Writing <cite>Git for Writers</cite></h2>
<cite>Git for Writers</cite> is an open project, and we welcome contributions from
anyone interested in helping writers benefit from using <a href="">Git</a>
and <a href="">GitHub</a> and related services.
<h3>What You'll Need</h3>
To contribute to the project, as well as to use Git in your own work, you need:
An <a href="">installation</a> of Git on your computer,
configured with your name and email address (free)
<li>A GitHub <a href="">account</a> (free)</li>
A private/public keypair for accessing your GitHub account; this may also mean
installing <a href="">OpenSSH</a> on your computer if you are a Windows user.
<h3>What You'll Do to Get a Copy to Edit</h3>
Once you have Git, your GitHub account, and your keys and OpenSSH active,
participating in the project is pretty simple:
After logging into your GitHub account, go to
<a href="">the Git for Writers
repository</a> (repo) and fork a copy to your GitHub account by clicking
on the Fork button.
Once you have forked <cite>Git for Writers</cite>, you should do an initial
pull from your copy of the repo by running <br />
<kbd>git pull<strong>youraccount</strong>/git-for-writers.git</kbd>,
replacing <kbd><strong>youraccount</strong></kbd> with the name of your GitHub
<h3>How to Edit Your Copy</h3>
The only thing you need to edit is a plain text editor; TextWrangler is a good
option for Mac users; Windows users might want to check out Notepad++ (which is
different from the Notepad that's included with windows.
Git for Writers has <a href="style-guide.htm">its own style guide</a>, which you
should follow. Check out some of our existing pages (such as this one,
which is <code>participate.htm</code> in the repo) to see how we indent HTML
and CSS to keep it maximally readable. (You can also choose View > Source in your
Web browser.
<h3>How to Keep Your Copy Current</h3>
To make sure you have the latest changes to the project, you'll want to set up a
tracking branch
(<a href="">read
these GitHub instructions</a>) and pull from and merge that branch regularly. In Git, you can just run
<kbd>git remote add gewgaws git://</kbd>; to
pull from that, run <kbd>git pull gewgaws master</kbd> into your tracking branch.
<h3>What You'll Do to Submit Your Work</h3>
When you are ready to submit your work, be sure you have pushed to your copy of the
Git for Writers repo on your GitHub account. Make sure you're logged into GitHub
and navigate to the
<a href="">the Git for Writers
repository</a>. Click the Pull Request button, and select <strong>gewgaws</strong>
as the recepient. Explain clearly in your message what your contribution to Git for
Writers includes.
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<li><a href="index.htm">Home</a></li>
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<li><a href="about.htm">About</a></li>
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<p class="copyright">
© 2010 by Gewgaws Lab. Some rights reserved. Content licensed under a
<a rel="license" href="">
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License
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<img alt="Creative Commons License" src="" />
<p class="project-information">
<a href="">Git for Writers repository</a>
hosted at <a href="">GitHub</a>. Learn <a href="participate.htm">how to
contribute</a> to Git for Writers.
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