Silver searcher does not go up the directory structure when checking .gitignore #428

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We are ignoring build directories.

[2014-06-12 16:33:12] pavel.lishin@plishin:/gitwork/aproject
# ag 'target/' .gitignore

And ag respects that from within my project's root folder.

[2014-06-12 16:33:35] pavel.lishin@plishin:/gitwork/aproject
# ag --js rtReviews
14:            rtReviews: false,

But if I go further into the project file structure, it doesn't care.

[2014-06-12 16:33:42] pavel.lishin@plishin:/gitwork/aproject
# cd app
[2014-06-12 16:33:45] pavel.lishin@plishin:/gitwork/aproject/app
# ag --js rtReviews
14:            rtReviews: false,

14:            rtReviews: false,

Much like git searches upwards through a directory structure to check for .gitignore files, I believe ag should as well.


any work on this, I find this really annoying...

@ggreer ggreer added the ignore label Sep 26, 2014

I believe this is the same as #144 (which has some conversation)

ggreer commented Nov 14, 2014

Yep. This is a duplicate of #144.

@ggreer ggreer closed this Nov 14, 2014
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