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  • 1284: [macOS] added support for sensors_temperatures() and sensors_fans(). (patch by Alex Manuskin)
  • 1286: [macOS] psutil.OSX constant is now deprecated in favor of new psutil.MACOS.

Bug fixes

  • 1209: [macOS] Process.memory_maps() may fail with EINVAL due to poor task_for_pid() syscall. AccessDenied is now raised instead.
  • 1278: [macOS] Process.threads() incorrectly return microseconds instead of seconds. (patch by Nikhil Marathe)
  • 1279: [Linux, macOS, BSD] net_if_stats() may return ENODEV.



Bug fixes

  • 1258: [Windows] Process.username() may cause a segfault (Python interpreter crash). (patch by Jean-Luc Migot)
  • 1273: net_if_addr() namedtuple's name has been renamed from "snic" to "snicaddr".
  • 1274: [Linux] there was a small chance Process.children() may swallow AccessDenied exceptions.



Bug fixes

  • 1268:'s extra_require parameter requires latest setuptools version, breaking quite a lot of installations.




  • 1239: [Linux] expose kernel "slab" memory for psutil.virtual_memory(). (patch by Maxime Mouial)

Bug fixes

  • 694: [SunOS] cmdline() could be truncated at the 15th character when reading it from /proc. An extra effort is made by reading it from process address space first. (patch by Georg Sauthoff)
  • 771: [Windows] cpu_count() (both logical and physical) return a wrong (smaller) number on systems using process groups (> 64 cores).
  • 771: [Windows] cpu_times(percpu=True) return fewer CPUs on systems using process groups (> 64 cores).
  • 771: [Windows] cpu_stats() and cpu_freq() may return incorrect results on systems using process groups (> 64 cores).
  • 1193: [SunOS] Return uid/gid from /proc/pid/psinfo if there aren't enough permissions for /proc/pid/cred. (patch by Georg Sauthoff)
  • 1194: [SunOS] Return nice value from psinfo as getpriority() doesn't support real-time processes. (patch by Georg Sauthoff)
  • 1194: [SunOS] Fix double free in psutil_proc_cpu_num(). (patch by Georg Sauthoff)
  • 1194: [SunOS] Fix undefined behavior related to strict-aliasing rules and warnings. (patch by Georg Sauthoff)
  • 1210: [Linux] cpu_percent() steal time may remain stuck at 100% due to Linux erroneously reporting a decreased steal time between calls. (patch by Arnon Yaari)
  • 1216: fix compatibility with python 2.6 on Windows (patch by Dan Vinakovsky)
  • 1222: [Linux] Process.memory_full_info() was erroneously summing "Swap:" and "SwapPss:". Same for "Pss:" and "SwapPss". Not anymore.
  • 1224: [Windows] Process.wait() may erroneously raise TimeoutExpired.
  • 1238: [Linux] sensors_battery() may return None in case battery is not listed as "BAT0" under /sys/class/power_supply.
  • 1240: [Windows] cpu_times() float loses accuracy in a long running system. (patch by stswandering)
  • 1245: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() may fail with IOError "no such file".
  • 1255: [FreeBSD] swap_memory() stats were erroneously represented in KB. (patch by Denis Krienbühl)

Backward compatibility

  • 771: [Windows] cpu_count(logical=False) on Windows XP and Vista is no longer supported and returns None.




  • 775: disk_partitions() on Windows return mount points.

Bug fixes

  • 1193: pids() may return False on macOS.




  • 1173: introduced PSUTIL_DEBUG environment variable which can be set in order to print useful debug messages on stderr (useful in case of nasty errors).
  • 1177: added support for sensors_battery() on macOS. (patch by Arnon Yaari)
  • 1183: Process.children() is 2x faster on UNIX and 2.4x faster on Linux.
  • 1188: deprecated method Process.memory_info_ex() now warns by using FutureWarning instead of DeprecationWarning.

Bug fixes

  • 1152: [Windows] disk_io_counters() may return an empty dict.
  • 1169: [Linux] users() "hostname" returns username instead. (patch by janderbrain)
  • 1172: [Windows] make test does not work.
  • 1179: [Linux] Process.cmdline() is now able to splits cmdline args for misbehaving processes which overwrite /proc/pid/cmdline and use spaces instead of null bytes as args separator.
  • 1181: [macOS] Process.memory_maps() may raise ENOENT.
  • 1187: [macOS] pids() does not return PID 0 on recent macOS versions.




  • 1164: [AIX] add support for Process.num_ctx_switches(). (patch by Arnon Yaari)
  • 1053: abandon Python 3.3 support (psutil still works but it's no longer tested).

Bug fixes

  • 1150: [Windows] when a process is terminate()d now the exit code is set to SIGTERM instead of 0. (patch by Akos Kiss)
  • 1151: python -m psutil.tests fail
  • 1154: [AIX] psutil won't compile on AIX 6.1.0. (patch by Arnon Yaari)
  • 1167: [Windows] net_io_counter() packets count now include also non-unicast packets. (patch by Matthew Long)




  • 1123: [AIX] added support for AIX platform. (patch by Arnon Yaari)

Bug fixes

  • 1009: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() may crash with IOError.
  • 1012: [Windows] disk_io_counters()'s read_time and write_time were expressed in tens of micro seconds instead of milliseconds.
  • 1127: [macOS] invalid reference counting in Process.open_files() may lead to segfault. (patch by Jakub Bacic)
  • 1129: [Linux] sensors_fans() may crash with IOError. (patch by Sebastian Saip)
  • 1131: [SunOS] fix compilation warnings. (patch by Arnon Yaari)
  • 1133: [Windows] can't compile on newer versions of Visual Studio 2017 15.4. (patch by Max Bélanger)
  • 1138: [Linux] can't compile on CentOS 5.0 and RedHat 5.0. (patch by Prodesire)




Bug fixes

  • 1105: [FreeBSD] psutil does not compile on FreeBSD 12.
  • 1125: [BSD] net_connections() raises TypeError.

Compatibility notes

  • 1120: .exe files for Windows are no longer uploaded on PYPI as per PEP-527; only wheels are provided.




  • 802: disk_io_counters() and net_io_counters() numbers no longer wrap (restart from 0). Introduced a new "nowrap" argument.
  • 928: psutil.net_connections() and psutil.Process.connections() "laddr" and "raddr" are now named tuples.
  • 1015: swap_memory() now relies on /proc/meminfo instead of sysinfo() syscall so that it can be used in conjunction with PROCFS_PATH in order to retrieve memory info about Linux containers such as Docker and Heroku.
  • 1022: psutil.users() provides a new "pid" field.
  • 1025: process_iter() accepts two new parameters in order to invoke Process.as_dict(): "attrs" and "ad_value". With this you can iterate over all processes in one shot without needing to catch NoSuchProcess and do list/dict comprehensions.
  • 1040: implemented full unicode support.
  • 1051: disk_usage() on Python 3 is now able to accept bytes.
  • 1058: test suite now enables all warnings by default.
  • 1060: source distribution is dynamically generated so that it only includes relevant files.
  • 1079: [FreeBSD] net_connections()'s fd number is now being set for real (instead of -1). (patch by Gleb Smirnoff)
  • 1091: [SunOS] implemented Process.environ(). (patch by Oleksii Shevchuk)

Bug fixes

  • 989: [Windows] boot_time() may return a negative value.
  • 1007: [Windows] boot_time() can have a 1 sec fluctuation between calls; the value of the first call is now cached so that boot_time() always returns the same value if fluctuation is <= 1 second.
  • 1013: [FreeBSD] psutil.net_connections() may return incorrect PID. (patch by Gleb Smirnoff)
  • 1014: [Linux] Process class can mask legitimate ENOENT exceptions as NoSuchProcess.
  • 1016: disk_io_counters() raises RuntimeError on a system with no disks.
  • 1017: net_io_counters() raises RuntimeError on a system with no network cards installed.
  • 1021: [Linux] open_files() may erroneously raise NoSuchProcess instead of skipping a file which gets deleted while open files are retrieved.
  • 1029: [macOS, FreeBSD] Process.connections('unix') on Python 3 doesn't properly handle unicode paths and may raise UnicodeDecodeError.
  • 1033: [macOS, FreeBSD] memory leak for net_connections() and Process.connections() when retrieving UNIX sockets (kind='unix').
  • 1040: fixed many unicode related issues such as UnicodeDecodeError on Python 3 + UNIX and invalid encoded data on Windows.
  • 1042: [FreeBSD] psutil won't compile on FreeBSD 12.
  • 1044: [macOS] different Process methods incorrectly raise AccessDenied for zombie processes.
  • 1046: [Windows] disk_partitions() on Windows overrides user's SetErrorMode.
  • 1047: [Windows] Process username(): memory leak in case exception is thrown.
  • 1048: [Windows] users()'s host field report an invalid IP address.
  • 1050: [Windows] Process.memory_maps memory() leaks memory.
  • 1055: cpu_count() is no longer cached; this is useful on systems such as Linux where CPUs can be disabled at runtime. This also reflects on Process.cpu_percent() which no longer uses the cache.
  • 1058: fixed Python warnings.
  • 1062: disk_io_counters() and net_io_counters() raise TypeError if no disks or NICs are installed on the system.
  • 1063: [NetBSD] net_connections() may list incorrect sockets.
  • 1064: [NetBSD] swap_memory() may segfault in case of error.
  • 1065: [OpenBSD] Process.cmdline() may raise SystemError.
  • 1067: [NetBSD] Process.cmdline() leaks memory if process has terminated.
  • 1069: [FreeBSD] Process.cpu_num() may return 255 for certain kernel processes.
  • 1071: [Linux] cpu_freq() may raise IOError on old RedHat distros.
  • 1074: [FreeBSD] sensors_battery() raises OSError in case of no battery.
  • 1075: [Windows] net_if_addrs(): inet_ntop() return value is not checked.
  • 1077: [SunOS] net_if_addrs() shows garbage addresses on SunOS 5.10. (patch by Oleksii Shevchuk)
  • 1077: [SunOS] net_connections() does not work on SunOS 5.10. (patch by Oleksii Shevchuk)
  • 1079: [FreeBSD] net_connections() didn't list locally connected sockets. (patch by Gleb Smirnoff)
  • 1085: cpu_count() return value is now checked and forced to None if <= 1.
  • 1087: Process.cpu_percent() guard against cpu_count() returning None and assumes 1 instead.
  • 1093: [SunOS] memory_maps() shows wrong 64 bit addresses.
  • 1094: [Windows] psutil.pid_exists() may lie. Also, all process APIs relying on OpenProcess Windows API now check whether the PID is actually running.
  • 1098: [Windows] Process.wait() may erroneously return sooner, when the PID is still alive.
  • 1099: [Windows] Process.terminate() may raise AccessDenied even if the process already died.
  • 1101: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() may raise ENODEV.

Porting notes

  • 1039: returned types consolidation: - Windows / Process.cpu_times(): fields #3 and #4 were int instead of float - Linux / FreeBSD: connections('unix'): raddr is now set to "" instead of


    • OpenBSD: connections('unix'): laddr and raddr are now set to "" instead of None
  • 1040: all strings are encoded by using OS fs encoding.

  • 1040: the following Windows APIs on Python 2 now return a string instead of unicode: - Process.memory_maps().path - WindowsService.bin_path() - WindowsService.description() - WindowsService.display_name() - WindowsService.username()



Bug fixes

  • 1000: fixed some warnings.
  • 1002: [SunOS] remove C macro which will not be available on new Solaris versions. (patch by Danek Duvall)
  • 1004: [Linux] Process.io_counters() may raise ValueError.
  • 1006: [Linux] cpu_freq() may return None on some Linux versions does not support the function; now the function is not declared instead.
  • 1009: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() may raise OSError.
  • 1010: [Linux] virtual_memory() may raise ValueError on Ubuntu 14.04.



Bug fixes

  • 981: [Linux] cpu_freq() may return an empty list.
  • 993: [Windows] Process.memory_maps() on Python 3 may raise UnicodeDecodeError.
  • 996: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() may not show all temperatures.
  • 997: [FreeBSD] virtual_memory() may fail due to missing sysctl parameter on FreeBSD 12.




  • 971: [Linux] Add psutil.sensors_fans() function. (patch by Nicolas Hennion)
  • 976: [Windows] Process.io_counters() has 2 new fields: other_count and other_bytes.
  • 976: [Linux] Process.io_counters() has 2 new fields: read_chars and write_chars.

Bug fixes

  • 872: [Linux] can now compile on Linux by using MUSL C library.
  • 985: [Windows] Fix a crash in Process.open_files when the worker thread for NtQueryObject times out.
  • 986: [Linux] Process.cwd() may raise NoSuchProcess instead of ZombieProcess.


Bug fixes

  • 971: [Linux] sensors_temperatures() didn't work on CentOS 7.
  • 973: cpu_percent() may raise ZeroDivisionError.



Bug fixes

  • 966: [Linux] sensors_battery().power_plugged may erroneously return None on Python 3.
  • 968: [Linux] disk_io_counters() raises TypeError on python 3.
  • 970: [Linux] sensors_battery()'s name and label fields on Python 3 are bytes instead of str.




  • 966: [Linux] sensors_battery().percent is a float and is more precise.

Bug fixes

  • 964: [Windows] Process.username() and psutil.users() may return badly decoding character on Python 3.
  • 965: [Linux] disk_io_counters() may miscalculate sector size and report the wrong number of bytes read and written.
  • 966: [Linux] sensors_battery() may fail with "no such file error".
  • 966: [Linux] sensors_battery().power_plugged may lie.




  • 357: added psutil.Process.cpu_num() (what CPU a process is on).
  • 371: added psutil.sensors_temperatures() (Linux only).
  • 941: added psutil.cpu_freq() (CPU frequency).
  • 955: added psutil.sensors_battery() (Linux, Windows, only).
  • 956: cpu_affinity([]) can now be used as an alias to set affinity against all eligible CPUs.

Bug fixes

  • 687: [Linux] pid_exists() no longer returns True if passed a process thread ID.
  • 948: cannot install psutil with PYTHONOPTIMIZE=2.
  • 950: [Windows] Process.cpu_percent() was calculated incorrectly and showed higher number than real usage.
  • 951: [Windows] the uploaded wheels for Python 3.6 64 bit didn't work.
  • 959: psutil exception objects could not be pickled.
  • 960: Popen.wait() did not return the correct negative exit status if process is ``kill()``ed by a signal.
  • 961: [Windows] WindowsService.description() may fail with ERROR_MUI_FILE_NOT_FOUND.




  • 939: tar.gz distribution went from 1.8M to 258K.
  • 811: [Windows] provide a more meaningful error message if trying to use psutil on unsupported Windows XP.

Bug fixes

  • 609: [SunOS] psutil does not compile on Solaris 10.
  • 936: [Windows] fix compilation error on VS 2013 (patch by Max Bélanger).
  • 940: [Linux] cpu_percent() and cpu_times_percent() was calculated incorrectly as "iowait", "guest" and "guest_nice" times were not properly taken into account.
  • 944: [OpenBSD] psutil.pids() was omitting PID 0.




  • 799: new Process.oneshot() context manager making Process methods around +2x faster in general and from +2x to +6x faster on Windows.
  • 943: better error message in case of version conflict on import.

Bug fixes

  • 932: [NetBSD] net_connections() and Process.connections() may fail without raising an exception.
  • 933: [Windows] memory leak in cpu_stats() and WindowsService.description().



Bug fixes

  • 931: psutil no longer compiles on Solaris.



Bug fixes

  • 927: Popen.__del__ may cause maximum recursion depth error.




  • 874: [Windows] net_if_addrs() returns also the netmask.
  • 887: [Linux] virtual_memory()'s 'available' and 'used' values are more precise and match "free" cmdline utility. "available" also takes into account LCX containers preventing "available" to overflow "total".
  • 891: script has been updated and provides a lot more info.

Bug fixes

  • 514: [macOS] possibly fix Process.memory_maps() segfault (critical!).
  • 783: [macOS] Process.status() may erroneously return "running" for zombie processes.
  • 798: [Windows] Process.open_files() returns and empty list on Windows 10.
  • 825: [Linux] cpu_affinity; fix possible double close and use of unopened socket.
  • 880: [Windows] Handle race condition inside psutil_net_connections.
  • 885: ValueError is raised if a negative integer is passed to cpu_percent() functions.
  • 892: [Linux] Process.cpu_affinity([-1]) raise SystemError with no error set; now ValueError is raised.
  • 906: [BSD] disk_partitions(all=False) returned an empty list. Now the argument is ignored and all partitions are always returned.
  • 907: [FreeBSD] Process.exe() may fail with OSError(ENOENT).
  • 908: [macOS, BSD] different process methods could errounesuly mask the real error for high-privileged PIDs and raise NoSuchProcess and AccessDenied instead of OSError and RuntimeError.
  • 909: [macOS] Process open_files() and connections() methods may raise OSError with no exception set if process is gone.
  • 916: [macOS] fix many compilation warnings.




  • 881: "make install" now works also when using a virtual env.

Bug fixes

  • 854: Process.as_dict() raises ValueError if passed an erroneous attrs name.
  • 857: [SunOS] Process cpu_times(), cpu_percent(), threads() amd memory_maps() may raise RuntimeError if attempting to query a 64bit process with a 32bit python. "Null" values are returned as a fallback.
  • 858: Process.as_dict() should not return memory_info_ex() because it's deprecated.
  • 863: [Windows] memory_map truncates addresses above 32 bits
  • 866: [Windows] win_service_iter() and services in general are not able to handle unicode service names / descriptions.
  • 869: [Windows] Process.wait() may raise TimeoutExpired with wrong timeout unit (ms instead of sec).
  • 870: [Windows] Handle leak inside psutil_get_process_data.




  • 819: [Linux] different speedup improvements: Process.ppid() is 20% faster Process.status() is 28% faster is 25% faster Process.num_threads is 20% faster on Python 3

Bug fixes

  • 810: [Windows] Windows wheels are incompatible with pip 7.1.2.
  • 812: [NetBSD] fix compilation on NetBSD-5.x.
  • 823: [NetBSD] virtual_memory() raises TypeError on Python 3.
  • 829: [UNIX] psutil.disk_usage() percent field takes root reserved space into account.
  • 816: [Windows] fixed net_io_counter() values wrapping after 4.3GB in Windows Vista (NT 6.0) and above using 64bit values from newer win APIs.




  • 795: [Windows] new APIs to deal with Windows services: win_service_iter() and win_service_get().
  • 800: [Linux] psutil.virtual_memory() returns a new "shared" memory field.
  • 819: [Linux] speedup /proc parsing: - Process.ppid() is 20% faster - Process.status() is 28% faster - is 25% faster - Process.num_threads is 20% faster on Python 3

Bug fixes

  • 797: [Linux] net_if_stats() may raise OSError for certain NIC cards.
  • 813: Process.as_dict() should ignore extraneous attribute names which gets attached to the Process instance.




  • 777: [Linux] Process.open_files() on Linux return 3 new fields: position, mode and flags.
  • 779: Process.cpu_times() returns two new fields, 'children_user' and 'children_system' (always set to 0 on macOS and Windows).
  • 789: [Windows] psutil.cpu_times() return two new fields: "interrupt" and "dpc". Same for psutil.cpu_times_percent().
  • 792: new psutil.cpu_stats() function returning number of CPU ctx switches interrupts, soft interrupts and syscalls.

Bug fixes

  • 774: [FreeBSD] net_io_counters() dropout is no longer set to 0 if the kernel provides it.
  • 776: [Linux] Process.cpu_affinity() may erroneously raise NoSuchProcess. (patch by wxwright)
  • 780: [macOS] psutil does not compile with some gcc versions.
  • 786: net_if_addrs() may report incomplete MAC addresses.
  • 788: [NetBSD] virtual_memory()'s buffers and shared values were set to 0.
  • 790: [macOS] psutil won't compile on macOS 10.4.




  • 523: [Linux, FreeBSD] disk_io_counters() return a new "busy_time" field.
  • 660: [Windows] make.bat is smarter in finding alternative VS install locations. (patch by mpderbec)
  • 732: Process.environ(). (patch by Frank Benkstein)
  • 753: [Linux, macOS, Windows] Process USS and PSS (Linux) "real" memory stats. (patch by Eric Rahm)
  • 755: Process.memory_percent() "memtype" parameter.
  • 758: tests now live in psutil namespace.
  • 760: expose OS constants (psutil.LINUX, psutil.macOS, etc.)
  • 756: [Linux] disk_io_counters() return 2 new fields: read_merged_count and write_merged_count.
  • 762: new scripts/ script.

Bug fixes

  • 685: [Linux] virtual_memory() provides wrong results on systems with a lot of physical memory.
  • 704: [Solaris] psutil does not compile on Solaris sparc.
  • 734: on Python 3 invalid UTF-8 data is not correctly handled for process name(), cwd(), exe(), cmdline() and open_files() methods resulting in UnicodeDecodeError exceptions. 'surrogateescape' error handler is now used as a workaround for replacing the corrupted data.
  • 737: [Windows] when the bitness of psutil and the target process was different cmdline() and cwd() could return a wrong result or incorrectly report an AccessDenied error.
  • 741: [OpenBSD] psutil does not compile on mips64.
  • 751: [Linux] fixed call to Py_DECREF on possible Null object.
  • 754: [Linux] cmdline() can be wrong in case of zombie process.
  • 759: [Linux] Process.memory_maps() may return paths ending with " (deleted)"
  • 761: [Windows] psutil.boot_time() wraps to 0 after 49 days.
  • 764: [NetBSD] fix compilation on NetBSD-6.x.
  • 766: [Linux] net_connections() can't handle malformed /proc/net/unix file.
  • 767: [Linux] disk_io_counters() may raise ValueError on 2.6 kernels and it's broken on 2.4 kernels.
  • 770: [NetBSD] disk_io_counters() metrics didn't update.




  • 728: [Solaris] exposed psutil.PROCFS_PATH constant to change the default location of /proc filesystem.

Bug fixes

  • 724: [FreeBSD] psutil.virtual_memory().total is incorrect.
  • 730: [FreeBSD] psutil.virtual_memory() crashes.




  • 557: [NetBSD] added NetBSD support. (contributed by Ryo Onodera and Thomas Klausner)
  • 708: [Linux] psutil.net_connections() and Process.connections() on Python 2 can be up to 3x faster in case of many connections. Also psutil.Process.memory_maps() is slightly faster.
  • 718: process_iter() is now thread safe.

Bug fixes

  • 714: [OpenBSD] virtual_memory().cached value was always set to 0.
  • 715: don't crash at import time if cpu_times() fail for some reason.
  • 717: [Linux] Process.open_files fails if deleted files still visible.
  • 722: [Linux] swap_memory() no longer crashes if sin/sout can't be determined due to missing /proc/vmstat.
  • 724: [FreeBSD] virtual_memory().total is slightly incorrect.




  • 558: [Linux] exposed psutil.PROCFS_PATH constant to change the default location of /proc filesystem.
  • 615: [OpenBSD] added OpenBSD support. (contributed by Landry Breuil)

Bug fixes

  • 692: [UNIX] is no longer cached as it may change.



Bug fixes

  • 517: [SunOS] net_io_counters failed to detect network interfaces correctly on Solaris 10
  • 541: [FreeBSD] disk_io_counters r/w times were expressed in seconds instead of milliseconds. (patch by dasumin)
  • 610: [SunOS] fix build and tests on Solaris 10
  • 623: [Linux] process or system connections raises ValueError if IPv6 is not supported by the system.
  • 678: [Linux] can't install psutil due to bug in
  • 688: [Windows] compilation fails with MSVC 2015, Python 3.5. (patch by Mike Sarahan)



Bug fixes

  • 677: [Linux] can't install psutil due to bug in




  • 644: [Windows] added support for CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT signals to use with Process.send_signal().
  • 648: CI test integration for macOS. (patch by Jeff Tang)
  • 663: [UNIX] net_if_addrs() now returns point-to-point (VPNs) addresses.
  • 655: [Windows] different issues regarding unicode handling were fixed. On Python 2 all APIs returning a string will now return an encoded version of it by using sys.getfilesystemencoding() codec. The APIs involved are: - psutil.net_if_addrs() - psutil.net_if_stats() - psutil.net_io_counters() - psutil.Process.cmdline() - - psutil.Process.username() - psutil.users()

Bug fixes

  • 513: [Linux] fixed integer overflow for RLIM_INFINITY.
  • 641: [Windows] fixed many compilation warnings. (patch by Jeff Tang)
  • 652: [Windows] net_if_addrs() UnicodeDecodeError in case of non-ASCII NIC names.
  • 655: [Windows] net_if_stats() UnicodeDecodeError in case of non-ASCII NIC names.
  • 659: [Linux] compilation error on Suse 10. (patch by maozguttman)
  • 664: [Linux] compilation error on Alpine Linux. (patch by Bart van Kleef)
  • 670: [Windows] segfgault of net_if_addrs() in case of non-ASCII NIC names. (patch by sk6249)
  • 672: [Windows] compilation fails if using Windows SDK v8.0. (patch by Steven Winfield)
  • 675: [Linux] net_connections(); UnicodeDecodeError may occur when listing UNIX sockets.



Bug fixes

  • 603: [Linux] ionice_set value range is incorrect. (patch by spacewander)
  • 645: [Linux] psutil.cpu_times_percent() may produce negative results.
  • 656: 'from psutil import *' does not work.




Bug fixes

  • 340: [Windows] Process.open_files() no longer hangs. Instead it uses a thred which times out and skips the file handle in case it's taking too long to be retrieved. (patch by Jeff Tang, PR #597)
  • 627: [Windows] no longer raises AccessDenied for pids owned by another user.
  • 636: [Windows] Process.memory_info() raise AccessDenied.
  • 637: [UNIX] raise exception if trying to send signal to Process PID 0 as it will affect os.getpid()'s process group instead of PID 0.
  • 639: [Linux] Process.cmdline() can be truncated.
  • 640: [Linux] *connections functions may swallow errors and return an incomplete list of connnections.
  • 642: repr() of exceptions is incorrect.
  • 653: [Windows] Add inet_ntop function for Windows XP to support IPv6.
  • 641: [Windows] Replace deprecated string functions with safe equivalents.



Bug fixes

  • 632: [Linux] better error message if cannot parse process UNIX connections.
  • 634: [Linux] Proces.cmdline() does not include empty string arguments.
  • 635: [UNIX] crash on module import if 'enum' package is installed on python < 3.4.




  • 250: new psutil.net_if_stats() returning NIC statistics (isup, duplex, speed, MTU).
  • 376: new psutil.net_if_addrs() returning all NIC addresses a-la ifconfig.
  • 469: on Python >= 3.4 IOPRIO_CLASS_* and *_PRIORITY_CLASS constants returned by psutil.Process' ionice() and nice() methods are enums instead of plain integers.
  • 581: add .gitignore. (patch by Gabi Davar)
  • 582: connection constants returned by psutil.net_connections() and psutil.Process.connections() were turned from int to enums on Python > 3.4.
  • 587: Move native extension into the package.
  • 589: Process.cpu_affinity() accepts any kind of iterable (set, tuple, ...), not only lists.
  • 594: all deprecated APIs were removed.
  • 599: [Windows] process name() can now be determined for all processes even when running as a limited user.
  • 602: pre-commit GIT hook.
  • 629: enhanced support for py.test and nose test discovery and tests run.
  • 616: [Windows] Add inet_ntop function for Windows XP.

Bug fixes

  • 428: [all UNIXes except Linux] correct handling of zombie processes; introduced new ZombieProcess exception class.
  • 512: [BSD] fix segfault in net_connections().
  • 555: [Linux] psutil.users() correctly handles ":0" as an alias for "localhost"
  • 579: [Windows] Fixed open_files() for PID>64K.
  • 579: [Windows] fixed many compiler warnings.
  • 585: [FreeBSD] net_connections() may raise KeyError.
  • 586: [FreeBSD] cpu_affinity() segfaults on set in case an invalid CPU number is provided.
  • 593: [FreeBSD] Process().memory_maps() segfaults.
  • 606: Process.parent() may swallow NoSuchProcess exceptions.
  • 611: [SunOS] net_io_counters has send and received swapped
  • 614: [Linux]: cpu_count(logical=False) return the number of physical CPUs instead of physical cores.
  • 618: [SunOS] swap tests fail on Solaris when run as normal user
  • 628: [Linux] truncates process name in case it contains spaces or parentheses.



Bug fixes

  • 496: [Linux] fix "ValueError: ambiguos inode with multiple PIDs references" (patch by Bruno Binet)




  • 521: drop support for Python 2.4 and 2.5.
  • 553: new examples/ script.
  • 564: C extension version mismatch in case the user messed up with psutil installation or with sys.path is now detected at import time.
  • 568: New examples/ script.
  • 569: [FreeBSD] add support for process CPU affinity.

Bug fixes

  • 496: [Solaris] can't import psutil.
  • 547: [UNIX] Process.username() may raise KeyError if UID can't be resolved.
  • 551: [Windows] get rid of the unicode hack for net_io_counters() NIC names.
  • 556: [Linux] lots of file handles were left open.
  • 561: [Linux] net_connections() might skip some legitimate UNIX sockets. (patch by spacewander)
  • 565: [Windows] use proper encoding for psutil.Process.username() and psutil.users(). (patch by Sylvain Mouquet)
  • 567: [Linux] in the alternative implementation of CPU affinity PyList_Append and Py_BuildValue return values are not checked.
  • 569: [FreeBSD] fix memory leak in psutil.cpu_count(logical=False).
  • 571: [Linux] Process.open_files() might swallow AccessDenied exceptions and return an incomplete list of open files.



  • 536: [Linux]: fix "undefined symbol: CPU_ALLOC" compilation error.




  • 407: project moved from Google Code to Github; code moved from Mercurial to Git.
  • 492: use tox to run tests on multiple python versions. (patch by msabramo)
  • 505: [Windows] distribution as wheel packages.
  • 511: new examples/ sample code.

Bug fixes

  • 340: [Windows] Process.get_open_files() no longer hangs. (patch by Jeff Tang)
  • 501: [Windows] disk_io_counters() may return negative values.
  • 503: [Linux] in rare conditions Process exe(), open_files() and connections() methods can raise OSError(ESRCH) instead of NoSuchProcess.
  • 504: [Linux] can't build RPM packages via
  • 506: [Linux] python 2.4 support was broken.
  • 522: [Linux] Process.cpu_affinity() might return EINVAL. (patch by David Daeschler)
  • 529: [Windows] Process.exe() may raise unhandled WindowsError exception for PIDs 0 and 4. (patch by Jeff Tang)
  • 530: [Linux] psutil.disk_io_counters() may crash on old Linux distros (< 2.6.5) (patch by Yaolong Huang)
  • 533: [Linux] Process.memory_maps() may raise TypeError on old Linux distros.



Bug fixes

  • 446: [Windows] fix encoding error when using net_io_counters() on Python 3. (patch by Szigeti Gabor Niif)
  • 460: [Windows] net_io_counters() wraps after 4G.
  • 491: [Linux] psutil.net_connections() exceptions. (patch by Alexander Grothe)




  • 387: system-wide open connections a-la netstat.

Bug fixes

  • 421: [Solaris] psutil does not compile on SunOS 5.10 (patch by Naveed Roudsari)
  • 489: [Linux] psutil.disk_partitions() return an empty list.




  • 424: [Windows] installer for Python 3.X 64 bit.
  • 427: number of logical and physical CPUs (psutil.cpu_count()).
  • 447: psutil.wait_procs() timeout parameter is now optional.
  • 452: make Process instances hashable and usable with set()s.
  • 453: tests on Python < 2.7 require unittest2 module.
  • 459: add a make file for running tests and other repetitive tasks (also on Windows).
  • 463: make timeout parameter of cpu_percent* functions default to 0.0 'cause it's a common trap to introduce slowdowns.
  • 468: move documentation to
  • 477: process cpu_percent() is about 30% faster. (suggested by crusaderky)
  • 478: [Linux] almost all APIs are about 30% faster on Python 3.X.
  • 479: long deprecated psutil.error module is gone; exception classes now live in "psutil" namespace only.

Bug fixes

  • 193: psutil.Popen constructor can throw an exception if the spawned process terminates quickly.
  • 340: [Windows] process get_open_files() no longer hangs. (patch by
  • 443: [Linux] fix a potential overflow issue for Process.set_cpu_affinity() on systems with more than 64 CPUs.
  • 448: [Windows] get_children() and ppid() memory leak (patch by Ulrich Klank).
  • 457: [POSIX] pid_exists() always returns True for PID 0.
  • 461: namedtuples are not pickle-able.
  • 466: [Linux] process exe improper null bytes handling. (patch by Gautam Singh)
  • 470: wait_procs() might not wait. (patch by crusaderky)
  • 471: [Windows] process exe improper unicode handling. (patch by
  • 473: psutil.Popen.wait() does not set returncode attribute.
  • 474: [Windows] Process.cpu_percent() is no longer capped at 100%.
  • 476: [Linux] encoding error for process name and cmdline.

API changes

For the sake of consistency a lot of psutil APIs have been renamed. In most cases accessing the old names will work but it will cause a DeprecationWarning.

  • psutil.* module level constants have being replaced by functions:

    Old name








  • Renamed psutil.* functions:

    Old name


    • psutil.get_pid_list()


    • psutil.get_users()


    • psutil.get_boot_time()


  • All psutil.Process get_* methods lost the get_ prefix. get_ext_memory_info() renamed to memory_info_ex(). Assuming "p = psutil.Process()":

    Old name








































  • All psutil.Process set_* methods lost the set_ prefix. Assuming "p = psutil.Process()":

    Old name





    p.ionice(ioclass, value=None)




    p.rlimit(resource, limits=None)

  • Except for 'pid' all psutil.Process class properties have been turned into methods. This is the only case which there are no aliases. Assuming "p = psutil.Process()":

    Old name




















  • timeout parameter of cpu_percent* functions defaults to 0.0 instead of 0.1.

  • long deprecated psutil.error module is gone; exception classes now live in "psutil" namespace only.

  • Process instances' "retcode" attribute returned by psutil.wait_procs() has been renamed to "returncode" for consistency with subprocess.Popen.



Bug fixes

  • 348: [Windows XP] fixed "ImportError: DLL load failed" occurring on module import.
  • 425: [Solaris] crash on import due to failure at determining BOOT_TIME.
  • 443: [Linux] can't set CPU affinity on systems with more than 64 cores.




  • 439: assume os.getpid() if no argument is passed to psutil.Process constructor.
  • 440: new psutil.wait_procs() utility function which waits for multiple processes to terminate.

Bug fixes

  • 348: [Windows XP/Vista] fix "ImportError: DLL load failed" occurring on module import.



Bug fixes

  • 442: [Linux] psutil won't compile on certain version of Linux because of missing prlimit(2) syscall.



Bug fixes

  • 442: [Linux] psutil won't compile on Debian 6.0 because of missing prlimit(2) syscall.



Bug fixes

  • 442: [Linux] psutil won't compile on kernels < 2.6.36 due to missing prlimit(2) syscall.




  • 410: host tar.gz and windows binary files are on PYPI.
  • 412: [Linux] get/set process resource limits.
  • 415: [Windows] Process.get_children() is an order of magnitude faster.
  • 426: [Windows] is an order of magnitude faster.
  • 431: [UNIX] is slightly faster because it unnecessarily retrieved also process cmdline.

Bug fixes

  • 391: [Windows] psutil.cpu_times_percent() returns negative percentages.
  • 408: STATUS_* and CONN_* constants don't properly serialize on JSON.
  • 411: [Windows] examples/ may pop-up a GUI error.
  • 413: [Windows] Process.get_memory_info() leaks memory.
  • 414: [Windows] Process.exe on Windows XP may raise ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.
  • 416: psutil.disk_usage() doesn't work well with unicode path names.
  • 430: [Linux] process IO counters report wrong number of r/w syscalls.
  • 435: [Linux] psutil.net_io_counters() might report erreneous NIC names.
  • 436: [Linux] psutil.net_io_counters() reports a wrong 'dropin' value.

API changes

  • 408: turn STATUS_* and CONN_* constants into plain Python strings.



Bug fixes

  • 405: network_io_counters(pernic=True) no longer works as intended in 1.0.0.




  • 18: Solaris support (yay!) (thanks Justin Venus)
  • 367: Process.get_connections() 'status' strings are now constants.
  • 380: test suite exits with non-zero on failure. (patch by floppymaster)
  • 391: introduce unittest2 facilities and provide workarounds if unittest2 is not installed (python < 2.7).

Bug fixes

  • 374: [Windows] negative memory usage reported if process uses a lot of memory.
  • 379: [Linux] Process.get_memory_maps() may raise ValueError.
  • 394: [macOS] Mapped memory regions report incorrect file name.
  • 404: [Linux] sched_*affinity() are implicitly declared. (patch by Arfrever)

API changes

  • Process.get_connections() 'status' field is no longer a string but a constant object (psutil.CONN_*).
  • Process.get_connections() 'local_address' and 'remote_address' fields renamed to 'laddr' and 'raddr'.
  • psutil.network_io_counters() renamed to psutil.net_io_counters().



Bug fixes

  • 325: [BSD] psutil.virtual_memory() can raise SystemError. (patch by Jan Beich)
  • 370: [BSD] Process.get_connections() requires root. (patch by John Baldwin)
  • 372: [BSD] different process methods raise NoSuchProcess instead of AccessDenied.




  • 233: code migrated to Mercurial (yay!)
  • 246: psutil.error module is deprecated and scheduled for removal.
  • 328: [Windows] process IO nice/priority support.
  • 359: psutil.get_boot_time()
  • 361: [Linux] psutil.cpu_times() now includes new 'steal', 'guest' and 'guest_nice' fields available on recent Linux kernels. Also, psutil.cpu_percent() is more accurate.
  • 362: cpu_times_percent() (per-CPU-time utilization as a percentage)

Bug fixes

  • 234: [Windows] disk_io_counters() fails to list certain disks.
  • 264: [Windows] use of psutil.disk_partitions() may cause a message box to appear.
  • 313: [Linux] psutil.virtual_memory() and psutil.swap_memory() can crash on certain exotic Linux flavors having an incomplete /proc interface. If that's the case we now set the unretrievable stats to 0 and raise a RuntimeWarning.
  • 315: [macOS] fix some compilation warnings.
  • 317: [Windows] cannot set process CPU affinity above 31 cores.
  • 319: [Linux] process get_memory_maps() raises KeyError 'Anonymous' on Debian squeeze.
  • 321: [UNIX] Process.ppid property is no longer cached as the kernel may set the ppid to 1 in case of a zombie process.
  • 323: [macOS] disk_io_counters()'s read_time and write_time parameters were reporting microseconds not milliseconds. (patch by Gregory Szorc)
  • 331: Process cmdline is no longer cached after first acces as it may change.
  • 333: [macOS] Leak of Mach ports on macOS (patch by
  • 337: [Linux] process methods not working because of a poor /proc implementation will raise NotImplementedError rather than RuntimeError and Process.as_dict() will not blow up. (patch by Curtin1060)
  • 338: [Linux] disk_io_counters() fails to find some disks.
  • 339: [FreeBSD] get_pid_list() can allocate all the memory on system.
  • 341: [Linux] psutil might crash on import due to error in retrieving system terminals map.
  • 344: [FreeBSD] swap_memory() might return incorrect results due to kvm_open(3) not being called. (patch by Jean Sebastien)
  • 338: [Linux] disk_io_counters() fails to find some disks.
  • 351: [Windows] if psutil is compiled with mingw32 (provided installers for py2.4 and py2.5 are) disk_io_counters() will fail. (Patch by m.malycha)
  • 353: [macOS] get_users() returns an empty list on macOS 10.8.
  • 356: Process.parent now checks whether parent PID has been reused in which case returns None.
  • 365: Process.set_nice() should check PID has not been reused by another process.
  • 366: [FreeBSD] get_memory_maps(), get_num_fds(), get_open_files() and getcwd() Process methods raise RuntimeError instead of AccessDenied.

API changes

  • Process.cmdline property is no longer cached after first access.
  • Process.ppid property is no longer cached after first access.
  • [Linux] Process methods not working because of a poor /proc implementation will raise NotImplementedError instead of RuntimeError.
  • psutil.error module is deprecated and scheduled for removal.




  • 316: process cmdline property now makes a better job at guessing the process executable from the cmdline.

Bug fixes

  • 316: process exe was resolved in case it was a symlink.
  • 318: python 2.4 compatibility was broken.

API changes

  • process exe can now return an empty string instead of raising AccessDenied.
  • process exe is no longer resolved in case it's a symlink.




  • 216: [POSIX] get_connections() UNIX sockets support.
  • 220: [FreeBSD] get_connections() has been rewritten in C and no longer requires lsof.
  • 222: [macOS] add support for process cwd.
  • 261: process extended memory info.
  • 295: [macOS] process executable path is now determined by asking the OS instead of being guessed from process cmdline.
  • 297: [macOS] the Process methods below were always raising AccessDenied for any process except the current one. Now this is no longer true. Also they are 2.5x faster. - name - get_memory_info() - get_memory_percent() - get_cpu_times() - get_cpu_percent() - get_num_threads()
  • 300: examples/ script.
  • 301: process_iter() now yields processes sorted by their PIDs.
  • 302: process number of voluntary and involuntary context switches.
  • 303: [Windows] the Process methods below were always raising AccessDenied for any process not owned by current user. Now this is no longer true: - create_time - get_cpu_times() - get_cpu_percent() - get_memory_info() - get_memory_percent() - get_num_handles() - get_io_counters()
  • 305: add examples/ script.
  • 311: system memory functions has been refactorized and rewritten and now provide a more detailed and consistent representation of the system memory. New psutil.virtual_memory() function provides the following memory amounts: - total - available - percent - used - active [POSIX] - inactive [POSIX] - buffers (BSD, Linux) - cached (BSD, macOS) - wired (macOS, BSD) - shared [FreeBSD] New psutil.swap_memory() provides: - total - used - free - percent - sin (no. of bytes the system has swapped in from disk (cumulative)) - sout (no. of bytes the system has swapped out from disk (cumulative)) All old memory-related functions are deprecated. Also two new example scripts were added: and
  • 312: psutil.network_io_counters() namedtuple includes 4 new fields: errin, errout dropin and dropout, reflecting the number of packets dropped and with errors.

Bug fixes

  • 298: [macOS and BSD] memory leak in get_num_fds().
  • 299: potential memory leak every time PyList_New(0) is used.
  • 303: [Windows] potential heap corruption in get_num_threads() and get_status() Process methods.
  • 305: [FreeBSD] psutil can't compile on FreeBSD 9 due to removal of utmp.h.
  • 306: at C level, errors are not checked when invoking Py* functions which create or manipulate Python objects leading to potential memory related errors and/or segmentation faults.
  • 307: [FreeBSD] values returned by psutil.network_io_counters() are wrong.
  • 308: [BSD / Windows] psutil.virtmem_usage() wasn't actually returning information about swap memory usage as it was supposed to do. It does now.
  • 309: get_open_files() might not return files which can not be accessed due to limited permissions. AccessDenied is now raised instead.

API changes

  • psutil.phymem_usage() is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
  • psutil.virtmem_usage() is deprecated (use psutil.swap_memory())
  • psutil.phymem_buffers() on Linux is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
  • psutil.cached_phymem() on Linux is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
  • [Windows and BSD] psutil.virtmem_usage() now returns information about swap memory instead of virtual memory.




  • 293: [Windows] process executable path is now determined by asking the OS instead of being guessed from process cmdline.

Bug fixes

  • 292: [Linux] race condition in process files/threads/connections.
  • 294: [Windows] Process CPU affinity is only able to set CPU #0.




  • 195: [Windows] number of handles opened by process.
  • 209: psutil.disk_partitions() now provides also mount options.
  • 229: list users currently connected on the system (psutil.get_users()).
  • 238: [Linux, Windows] process CPU affinity (get and set).
  • 242: Process.get_children(recursive=True): return all process descendants.
  • 245: [POSIX] Process.wait() incrementally consumes less CPU cycles.
  • 257: [Windows] removed Windows 2000 support.
  • 258: [Linux] Process.get_memory_info() is now 0.5x faster.
  • 260: process's mapped memory regions. (Windows patch by wj32.64, macOS patch by Jeremy Whitlock)
  • 262: [Windows] psutil.disk_partitions() was slow due to inspecting the floppy disk drive also when "all" argument was False.
  • 273: psutil.get_process_list() is deprecated.
  • 274: psutil no longer requires 2to3 at installation time in order to work with Python 3.
  • 278: new Process.as_dict() method.
  • 281: ppid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties of Process class are now cached after being accessed.
  • 282: psutil.STATUS_* constants can now be compared by using their string representation.
  • 283: speedup Process.is_running() by caching its return value in case the process is terminated.
  • 284: [POSIX] per-process number of opened file descriptors.
  • 287: psutil.process_iter() now caches Process instances between calls.
  • 290: Process.nice property is deprecated in favor of new get_nice() and set_nice() methods.

Bug fixes

  • 193: psutil.Popen constructor can throw an exception if the spawned process terminates quickly.
  • 240: [macOS] incorrect use of free() for Process.get_connections().
  • 244: [POSIX] Process.wait() can hog CPU resources if called against a process which is not our children.
  • 248: [Linux] psutil.network_io_counters() might return erroneous NIC names.
  • 252: [Windows] process getcwd() erroneously raise NoSuchProcess for processes owned by another user. It now raises AccessDenied instead.
  • 266: [Windows] psutil.get_pid_list() only shows 1024 processes. (patch by Amoser)
  • 267: [macOS] Process.get_connections() - an erroneous remote address was returned. (Patch by Amoser)
  • 272: [Linux] Porcess.get_open_files() - potential race condition can lead to unexpected NoSuchProcess exception. Also, we can get incorrect reports of not absolutized path names.
  • 275: [Linux] Process.get_io_counters() erroneously raise NoSuchProcess on old Linux versions. Where not available it now raises NotImplementedError.
  • 286: Process.is_running() doesn't actually check whether PID has been reused.
  • 314: Process.get_children() can sometimes return non-children.

API changes

  • Process.nice property is deprecated in favor of new get_nice() and set_nice() methods.
  • psutil.get_process_list() is deprecated.
  • ppid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties of Process class are now cached after being accessed, meaning NoSuchProcess will no longer be raised in case the process is gone in the meantime.
  • psutil.STATUS_* constants can now be compared by using their string representation.



Bug fixes

  • 228: some example scripts were not working with python 3.
  • 230: [Windows / macOS] memory leak in Process.get_connections().
  • 232: [Linux] psutil.phymem_usage() can report erroneous values which are different than "free" command.
  • 236: [Windows] memory/handle leak in Process's get_memory_info(), suspend() and resume() methods.




  • 150: network I/O counters. (macOS and Windows patch by Jeremy Whitlock)
  • 154: [FreeBSD] add support for process getcwd()
  • 157: [Windows] provide installer for Python 3.2 64-bit.
  • 198: Process.wait(timeout=0) can now be used to make wait() return immediately.
  • 206: disk I/O counters. (macOS and Windows patch by Jeremy Whitlock)
  • 213: examples/ script.
  • 217: Process.get_connections() now has a "kind" argument to filter for connections with different criteria.
  • 221: [FreeBSD] Process.get_open_files has been rewritten in C and no longer relies on lsof.
  • 223: examples/ script.
  • 227: examples/ script.

Bug fixes

  • 135: [macOS] psutil cannot create Process object.
  • 144: [Linux] no longer support 0 special PID.
  • 188: [Linux] psutil import error on Linux ARM architectures.
  • 194: [POSIX] psutil.Process.get_cpu_percent() now reports a percentage over 100 on multicore processors.
  • 197: [Linux] Process.get_connections() is broken on platforms not supporting IPv6.
  • 200: [Linux] psutil.NUM_CPUS not working on armel and sparc architectures and causing crash on module import.
  • 201: [Linux] Process.get_connections() is broken on big-endian architectures.
  • 211: Process instance can unexpectedly raise NoSuchProcess if tested for equality with another object.
  • 218: [Linux] crash at import time on Debian 64-bit because of a missing line in /proc/meminfo.
  • 226: [FreeBSD] crash at import time on FreeBSD 7 and minor.




  • 125: system per-cpu percentage utilization and times.
  • 163: per-process associated terminal (TTY).
  • 171: added get_phymem() and get_virtmem() functions returning system memory information (total, used, free) and memory percent usage. total_* avail_* and used_* memory functions are deprecated.
  • 172: disk usage statistics.
  • 174: mounted disk partitions.
  • 179: setuptools is now used in

Bug fixes

  • 159: SetSeDebug() does not close handles or unset impersonation on return.
  • 164: [Windows] wait function raises a TimeoutException when a process returns -1 .
  • 165: process.status raises an unhandled exception.
  • 166: get_memory_info() leaks handles hogging system resources.
  • 168: psutil.cpu_percent() returns erroneous results when used in non-blocking mode. (patch by Philip Roberts)
  • 178: macOS - Process.get_threads() leaks memory
  • 180: [Windows] Process's get_num_threads() and get_threads() methods can raise NoSuchProcess exception while process still exists.




  • 64: per-process I/O counters.
  • 116: per-process wait() (wait for process to terminate and return its exit code).
  • 134: per-process get_threads() returning information (id, user and kernel times) about threads opened by process.
  • 136: process executable path on FreeBSD is now determined by asking the kernel instead of guessing it from cmdline[0].
  • 137: per-process real, effective and saved user and group ids.
  • 140: system boot time.
  • 142: per-process get and set niceness (priority).
  • 143: per-process status.
  • 147: per-process I/O nice (priority) - Linux only.
  • 148: psutil.Popen class which tidies up subprocess.Popen and psutil.Process in a unique interface.
  • 152: [macOS] get_process_open_files() implementation has been rewritten in C and no longer relies on lsof resulting in a 3x speedup.
  • 153: [macOS] get_process_connection() implementation has been rewritten in C and no longer relies on lsof resulting in a 3x speedup.

Bug fixes

  • 83: process cmdline is empty on macOS 64-bit.
  • 130: a race condition can cause IOError exception be raised on Linux if process disappears between open() and subsequent read() calls.
  • 145: WindowsError was raised instead of psutil.AccessDenied when using process resume() or suspend() on Windows.
  • 146: 'exe' property on Linux can raise TypeError if path contains NULL bytes.
  • 151: exe and getcwd() for PID 0 on Linux return inconsistent data.

API changes

  • Process "uid" and "gid" properties are deprecated in favor of "uids" and "gids" properties.




  • 79: per-process open files.
  • 88: total system physical cached memory.
  • 88: total system physical memory buffers used by the kernel.
  • 91: per-process send_signal() and terminate() methods.
  • 95: NoSuchProcess and AccessDenied exception classes now provide "pid", "name" and "msg" attributes.
  • 97: per-process children.
  • 98: Process.get_cpu_times() and Process.get_memory_info now return a namedtuple instead of a tuple.
  • 103: per-process opened TCP and UDP connections.
  • 107: add support for Windows 64 bit. (patch by cjgohlke)
  • 111: per-process executable name.
  • 113: exception messages now include process name and pid.
  • 114: process username Windows implementation has been rewritten in pure C and no longer uses WMI resulting in a big speedup. Also, pywin32 is no longer required as a third-party dependancy. (patch by wj32)
  • 117: added support for Windows 2000.
  • 123: psutil.cpu_percent() and psutil.Process.cpu_percent() accept a new 'interval' parameter.
  • 129: per-process number of threads.

Bug fixes

  • 80: fixed warnings when installing psutil with easy_install.
  • 81: psutil fails to compile with Visual Studio.
  • 94: suspend() raises OSError instead of AccessDenied.
  • 86: psutil didn't compile against FreeBSD 6.x.
  • 102: orphaned process handles obtained by using OpenProcess in C were left behind every time Process class was instantiated.
  • 111: path and name Process properties report truncated or erroneous values on UNIX.
  • 120: cpu_percent() always returning 100% on macOS.
  • 112: uid and gid properties don't change if process changes effective user/group id at some point.
  • 126: ppid, uid, gid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties are no longer cached and correctly raise NoSuchProcess exception if the process disappears.

API changes

  • psutil.Process.path property is deprecated and works as an alias for "exe" property.
  • psutil.Process.kill(): signal argument was removed - to send a signal to the process use send_signal(signal) method instead.
  • psutil.Process.get_memory_info() returns a nametuple instead of a tuple.
  • psutil.cpu_times() returns a nametuple instead of a tuple.
  • New psutil.Process methods: get_open_files(), get_connections(), send_signal() and terminate().
  • ppid, uid, gid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties are no longer cached and raise NoSuchProcess exception if process disappears.
  • psutil.cpu_percent() no longer returns immediately (see issue 123).
  • psutil.Process.get_cpu_percent() and psutil.cpu_percent() no longer returns immediately by default (see issue 123).




  • 14: per-process username
  • 51: per-process current working directory (Windows and Linux only)
  • 59: Process.is_running() is now 10 times faster
  • 61: added supoprt for FreeBSD 64 bit
  • 71: implemented suspend/resume process
  • 75: python 3 support

Bug fixes

  • 36: process cpu_times() and memory_info() functions succeeded also for dead processes while a NoSuchProcess exception is supposed to be raised.
  • 48: incorrect size for mib array defined in getcmdargs for BSD
  • 49: possible memory leak due to missing free() on error condition on
  • 50: fixed getcmdargs() memory fragmentation on BSD
  • 55: test_pid_4 was failing on Windows Vista
  • 57: some unit tests were failing on systems where no swap memory is available
  • 58: is_running() is now called before kill() to make sure we are going to kill the correct process.
  • 73: virtual memory size reported on macOS includes shared library size
  • 77: NoSuchProcess wasn't raised on Process.create_time if kill() was used first.




  • 32: Per-process CPU user/kernel times
  • 33: Process create time
  • 34: Per-process CPU utilization percentage
  • 38: Per-process memory usage (bytes)
  • 41: Per-process memory utilization (percent)
  • 39: System uptime
  • 43: Total system virtual memory
  • 46: Total system physical memory
  • 44: Total system used/free virtual and physical memory

Bug fixes

  • 36: [Windows] NoSuchProcess not raised when accessing timing methods.
  • 40: test_get_cpu_times() failing on FreeBSD and macOS.
  • 42: [Windows] get_memory_percent() raises AccessDenied.




  • 4: FreeBSD support for all functions of psutil
  • 9: Process.uid and Process.gid now retrieve process UID and GID.
  • 11: Support for parent/ppid - Process.parent property returns a Process object representing the parent process, and Process.ppid returns the parent PID.
  • 12 & 15: NoSuchProcess exception now raised when creating an object for a nonexistent process, or when retrieving information about a process that has gone away.
  • 21: AccessDenied exception created for raising access denied errors from OSError or WindowsError on individual platforms.
  • 26: psutil.process_iter() function to iterate over processes as Process objects with a generator.
  • Process objects can now also be compared with == operator for equality (PID, name, command line are compared).

Bug fixes

  • 16: [Windows] Special case for "System Idle Process" (PID 0) which otherwise would return an "invalid parameter" exception.
  • 17: get_process_list() ignores NoSuchProcess and AccessDenied exceptions during building of the list.
  • 22: [Windows] Process(0).kill() was failing with an unset exception.
  • 23: Special case for pid_exists(0)
  • 24: [Windows] Process(0).kill() now raises AccessDenied exception instead of WindowsError.
  • 30: psutil.get_pid_list() was returning two ins