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_includes Added styled notes on all opcodes (#31) Aug 11, 2017
_layouts converted the back-to-top button to js Sep 27, 2017
_opcodes Updated opcode 145 description Apr 23, 2018
_plugins added dec_to_hex plugin Aug 15, 2016
_sass converted the back-to-top button to js Sep 27, 2017
_tools added scripts used to do the bulk work of extracting and merging opcodes Aug 21, 2016
appendices Updated variable definition info Apr 24, 2018
css added note classes and markup for use in opcode descriptions Aug 16, 2016
downloads version dec 2012 / feb 2013 Aug 14, 2016
file_formats tlk: added note on unused fields from skellytz Aug 15, 2018
files Merge pull request #71 from Argent77/master Apr 28, 2018
images Added EE-specific entries to colour gradients table Sep 28, 2017
js generated basic jekkyl template Aug 14, 2016
opcodes Updated descriptions of opcode 318 (BG2 and EE) Apr 23, 2018
scripting remove untested mark from tested triggers Jun 24, 2018
site_info history: fixed typo from 8c303c3 Aug 12, 2017
.gitignore css: made the old file be included in the sass framework Aug 14, 2016
.travis.yml travis: deploy back to gh-pages, fixing #16 and #2 Oct 1, 2016 added contributor guidelines #18 Oct 1, 2016 readme: removed old stuff Sep 14, 2017
_config.yml fixing repo and site links, since the owner changed Oct 2, 2016
cleaner cleaner: skip already touched files Aug 14, 2016 deploy: change destination Oct 2, 2016
feed.xml generated basic jekkyl template Aug 14, 2016
index.htm made the github icon completely black and lengthened its label Aug 15, 2016
main.htm main: link to the menu file format list Sep 14, 2017
test.htm test: opcode lister Aug 17, 2016


Visible at:

how to deploy/test

  1. Run: "jekyll serve --incremental" in the top dir of this repo
  2. Open the url it prints, usually

how it works

Since Github pages don't allow plugins, we have to use an extra step in deployment. Travis, when checking for syntax errors, also pushes the resulting Jekyll build back to the gh-pages branch. That is what is displayed if you visit the URL at the top. Actual work happens on the master branch.

Handy cheat sheet: