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Contribution Guidelines

Reporting issues

  • Search for existing issues. Please check to see if someone else has reported the same issue.
  • Share as much information as possible. Include operating system and version, browser and version. Also, include steps to reproduce the bug.

Project Setup

Refer to the README.

Code Style

Variable Naming

Not all current code follows the conventions below but these will be followed for future developments.

  • lowerCamelCase General variables
  • UpperCamelCase Functions
  • Maximize the use of semantic and descriptive variables names (e.g. faceIndices not fcInd or fi). Avoid abbreviations except in cases of industry wide usage. In some cases non-descriptive and short variable names are exceptable for instance vertices (points), faces, edges, colors and logic arrays may be denoted V, F, E, C, L. Furthermore, if a mathematrical symbol or letter is commonly used for some entity it may be acceptable to use short names e.g. coordinates may be referred to as X, Y and Z and image coordinates of indices may be referred to as I, J and K. In some cases the use of capital or non-capital letters refers to tensors/matrices/arrays/sets and scalars/components/subsets respectively, e.g. a multitude of scalars c may be contained within an array or matrix C, or a cell array D may contain individual entries referred to as d.


For the moment the DEMO_ and HELP_ files may serves as a test suite.

Pull requests

  • Try not to pollute your pull request with unintended changes – keep them simple and small. If possible, squash your commits.
  • Try to share how your code has been tested before submitting a pull request.
  • If your PR resolves an issue, include closes #ISSUE_NUMBER in your commit message (or a synonym).
  • Review
    • If your PR is ready for review, another contributor will be assigned to review your PR
    • The reviewer will accept or comment on the PR.
    • If needed address the comments left by the reviewer. Once you're ready to continue the review, ping the reviewer in a comment.
    • Once accepted your code will be merged to master