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;;; Copyright (c) 2011, 2012 Peter Seibel.
;;; All rights reserved. See COPYING for details.
(in-package :monkeylib-atom)
(defun parse-feed (pathname)
"Parse a feed.sexp file into a feed object."
(let* ((init-args (loop for (key value) in (file->list pathname) collect key collect value))
(feed (apply #'make-instance 'feed init-args)))
(setf (updated feed) (file-write-date pathname))
(setf (feed-url feed) (format nil "http://~a~afeed.atom" (canonical-host feed) (full-prefix feed)))
(setf (entries feed) (parse-entries (merge-pathnames (entries feed) pathname)))
(defun parse-entries (pathname)
"Parse the entries specified in an entries file."
(let ((content-dir (merge-pathnames "content/" (merge-pathnames (parent-directory pathname)))))
(loop for x in (file->list pathname) collect
(destructuring-bind (file published updated &key categories) x
(setf file (merge-pathnames content-dir file))
(destructuring-bind (title body) (parse-entry file)
(make-instance 'entry
:file file
:title title
:body body
:published published
:updated updated
:categories categories))))))
(defun parse-entry (file)
(destructuring-bind (body-tag h1 &rest body) (parse-file file :parse-links-p t)
(declare (ignore body-tag))
(list `(:progn ,@(rest h1)) body)))
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