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$Id: TODO,v 1.6 1995/08/09 13:19:15 aas Exp $
Implement more protocol schemes
1) LWP::Protocol::ftp (finish what has been started)
3) Others...
MDA security
Robot protcol as implemented in libwww-perl 0.40
Make it possible to integrate better with Tk. LWP::Socket should let
Tk handle select(2) by using Tk->fileevent().
Implement a fabulous graphical UA based on Tk !!!! HotPerl :-)
Implement more of LWP::MediaTypes
Better LWP::Base64??
More tests
HTTP::Request content from file or provided by a callback routine.
Make information callback from protocol modules so that the UI can
inform the user of what is going on.
Make it work on systems where the directory separator is not "/", for
instance with MacPerl.
Use Mail::Send to implement LWP::Protocol::mailto.
Fix bugs, it here are any...
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