Upgrade Pygments to 1.5 #134

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http://pygments.org/download/ -- Release 1.5 "Zeitdilatation" is out!


linguist's interface to Pygments is through pygments.rb, so you may want to open an issue over there for this. You can do better than the [1.5 revision](https://bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/pygments-main/changesets/tip/..tag(%221.5%22%29) though, as pygments.rb doesn't stick to the mainline releases - you can request the most recent revision off of Pygments's mercurial repo.


Hmm I was told by Petros in May 2011 that you guys only used release version:

"Thanks. Please note that this has to be released first by Pygments and then we have to start using that release."

It seems that the current pygments.rb already includes the eC lexer. So all we're missing is my tiny pullrequest? :)




Hmm, perhaps that was when linguist was still using albino to interface with Pygments? I'm not sure since I'm not a GH employee so I don't know the particulars offhand.

However, I imagine your pull request probably won't get accepted until the tests pass (rake test) 😉

1) Failure:
test_language_names_are_sorted(TestPedantic) [/tmp/linguist/test/test_pedantic.rb:17]:
eC should come after Eiffel

Thanks. I've patched it ;)

FYI the README.md still says "The actual syntax highlighting is handled by our Pygments wrapper, Albino"


Sounds like you should make another pull request ;)


For the README you mean? (The eC/languages.yml automatically got updated with the 2nd commit)
The README, I wouldn't know what to change it to!


Yes for the README, but I was just kidding ;). I can probably update at least the portion I know about after I get home from work tonight.


Good :) Should I close this issue? I don't care about Pygments 1.5 update since eC is already in pygments.rb :)


Yeah, I would close it. If you ever update your lexer though, just open an issue on pygments.rb to get it sucked in

@ecere ecere closed this Mar 14, 2012
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