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org-ruby Version used too old, require version >=0.6.0 (Gemfile) #117

tomterl opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Versions of org-ruby prior to 0.6.0 are way too restrictive in their parsing of org documents; beginning with 0.6.0, give at least one example, case sensitivity in src-block recognition is removed, leading to a much better success rate in converting org-documents correctly.

The new branch with the Gemfile adjustment can be found here:

Kind regards,

NB: An example of a file suffering badly in its presentation on github




So - a pull request goes without answer; following the instructions and opening an issue with a link goes without answer. meanwhile org-ruby development goes forward and org documents on github look crappier than they should.

As I once wrote to one of your support staff: Just answer 'We don't care' and I'll shut up - but to be ignored with a valid request is not nice. And I don't understand it - commenting here takes not that much time - and if it's only 'We're swamped, deferred'. Just any reaction at all would be nice... and the decent thing to do.


It is great that supports org-mode syntax on the wiki!

bzg commented

Hi, as the maintainer of org-mode, let me +100 on this request. I often get emails from people who wants a better support of org on github. Although it's great to have this support already. Thanks for your consideration!


Awesome! Totaly cool. Thanks a lot!
Is the github/markup used by the live github actually ATM at version 0.7.4? If so, I have to dig deeper into the issue, as the conversion still is not what I expect. But then it's six month since I tested a current org-ruby version, and there was a lot of work done in that time.

Again many, many thanks!

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