Leaflet TileLayer for GeoJSON tiles
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Leaflet GeoJSON Tile Layer


Renders GeoJSON tiles on an L.GeoJSON layer.


Usage example

The following example shows how to render a GeoJSON Tile Layer for a tile endpoint at http://tile.example.com/{z}/{x}/{y}.json.

    var style = {
        "clickable": true,
        "color": "#00D",
        "fillColor": "#00D",
        "weight": 1.0,
        "opacity": 0.3,
        "fillOpacity": 0.2
    var hoverStyle = {
        "fillOpacity": 0.5

    var geojsonURL = 'http://tile.example.com/{z}/{x}/{y}.json';
    var geojsonTileLayer = new L.TileLayer.GeoJSON(geojsonURL, {
            clipTiles: true,
            unique: function (feature) {
                return feature.id; 
        }, {
            style: style,
            onEachFeature: function (feature, layer) {
                if (feature.properties) {
                    var popupString = '<div class="popup">';
                    for (var k in feature.properties) {
                        var v = feature.properties[k];
                        popupString += k + ': ' + v + '<br />';
                    popupString += '</div>';
                if (!(layer instanceof L.Point)) {
                    layer.on('mouseover', function () {
                    layer.on('mouseout', function () {


L.TileLayer.GeoJSON( <String> urlTemplate, <GeoJSONTileLayer options> options?, <GeoJSON options> geojsonOptions? )

URL Template

A string of the following form, that returns valid GeoJSON.


GeoJSONTileLayer options

  • clipTiles (boolean) (default = false): If true, clips tile feature geometries to their tile boundaries using SVG clipping.
  • unique (function): If set, the feature's are grouped into GeometryCollection GeoJSON objects. Each group is defined by the key returned by this function, with the feature object as the first argument.

GeoJSON options

Options that will be passed to the resulting L.GeoJSON layer: http://leafletjs.com/reference.html#geojson-options


  1. npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/leaflet-tilelayer-geojson
  2. cdnjs: https://cdnjs.com/libraries/leaflet-tilelayer-geojson


Thanks to the following people who contributed: https://github.com/glenrobertson/leaflet-tilelayer-geojson/graphs/contributors