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Yet Another Traffic Bouncer README

What do you need?

*NIX openssl + openssl header files (>= 0.9.8) g++


first do a 'make clean' then do 'make system' system can be: linux,bsd,solaris,cygwin you can also do 'make system-static' 'make system-debug' or 'make system-debug-static' to make static/debug versions


Now copy a cert file (ftpd-dsa.pem) to bin directory Also copy yatb.conf.dist to bin dir

Encrypting config file

You can encrypt your config file and the cert file if you want to do so use the included blowcrypt syntax is: blowcrypt -e file to encrypt file and blowcrypt -d file to decrypt (you should encrypt the files on another shell and only upload the encrypted files)

File permissions

You can start yatb as root (it will change uid in this case) if you do so, make sure that bin dir and conf/cert belongs to this user (default is daemon)


To start yatb type ./yatb conffile (when using encrypted conf) or ./yatb -u conffile (when using uncrypted conf)

format of conf file

all entrys are of the folloing form: key=value; the ';' is important, also do not use " or spaces or anything else

quick start

most values can use the default from conf you only have to change a few sections: [ Connection ] and [ SSL ]

config file values

[ Debug ] debug=0; // enable debug mode

log_to_screen=1; // log to screen instead of file

debug_logfile=log.txt; // name of logfile

command_logfile=; // special file to log only site commands and replys

syslog=0; // enable logging to syslog

[ Connection ] listen_port=123; // listen port from yatb

site_ip=; // ip from site - can be a list of ips like site_ip=ip1,ip2,ip3; // in this case, every new connection gets next ip in list

site_port=123; // port from site - can be a list - see above

entry_list=; // a entry(s) are use add ips here

connect_ip=; // use a sepcial ip to connect to site

listen_interface=eth0; // gets ip for passive mode connections from this interface // can be something like ppp0 for dialup connections

listen_ip=; // bind to special ip - overrides listen_interface

traffic_bnc=1; // run as traffic bnc or entry

[ Limit ] day_limit=0; // daily limit

week_limit=0; // weekly limit

month_limit=0; // monthly limit

[ SSL ] cert_path=ftpd-dsa.pem; // name of cert file

crypted_cert=0; // use a crypted cert

enforce_tls=1; // enforce ssl usage

enforce_tls_fxp=0; // enforce ssl fxp

ssl_forward=1; // only forward ssl packets // else all packets are de and encrypted

use_ssl_exclude=0; // use the ssl exclude list to allow specials users to login without ssl

sslexclude_list=; // list of users which must not use ssl

translate_nosslfxp=0; // no function yet

[ Ident ] use_ident=1; // make an ident request

enforce_ident=0; // enforce ident reply

no_idnt_cmd=0; // don't sent IDNT command to site

[ Relink ] trytorelink=0; // enable relink feature

relink_ip=; // ip of relink site

relink_port=21; // port of relink site

relink_user=anonymous; // username for relinking; // password for relinking

ssl_relink=0; // login with ssl to relink site

relink_notls=0; // relink, if no ssl is used

traffic_bnc_relink=0; // run as traffic bnc if relinked

[ Fxp ] use_fxpfromsite_list=0; // use list with users that are allowed to fxp from site

fxp_fromsite_list=; // list with users that are allowed to fxp from site

use_fxptosite_list=0; // use list with users that are allowed to fxp to site

fxp_tosite_list=; // list with users that are allowed to fxp to site

use_fxpiplist=0; // use list with ips of allowed sites - no fxp transfers to other sites possible // ips are entered via admin commands

use_fxpiphash=0; // only store a hash of ip in memory

hash_algo=sha256; // algo used for hashing

iplist_file=; // file to store ips for fxp ip list // format is ip,comment1,comment2 // when using hash, hashed ip must be stored in file!

crypted_iplist=0; // use crypted ip list file

[ Admin ] usecommands=0; // enable the admin commands

admin_list=hawk; // list of admins

cmd_prefix=e; // prefix for all commands

infocmd=info; // info command

helpcmd=help; // help command

admincmd=admin; // admin command

tositecmd=tosite; // fxp to site command

fromsitecmd=fromsite; // fxp from site command

sslexcludecmd=nossl; // ssl exclude command

reloadcmd=reload; // reload command (reload the conf)

entrycmd=entry; // entry command

killcmd=kill; // kill command (kill conf,cert and yatb)

fxpipcmd=fxpip; // fxp ip command

list commands have show,add and delete list commands are: admin,tosite,fromsite,sslexclude,entry and fxpip fxpip has a save command example: add a new addmin -> eadminadd newadmin del a entry -> eentyrdel you don't have to put 'site ' before commands but you can set prefix to 'site e' for example

[ Ftpd setup ] server_string=220 FTP server ready.; // fake server string // must start with '220 ' !!!!!!

fake_serverstring=1; // use fake server string

send_traffic_info=0; // sends a traffic statistic after logout

// edit this replys to match your ftpd

user_access_denied=access denied.; user_login_success=logged in.; site_closed=The server has been shut down, try again later.; site_full=The site is full, try again later.; max_numlogins=Sorry, your account is restricted to;

show_connect_failmsg=1; // show a msg if bnc can't conenct to site - else just disconnect

connectfailmsg=427 Connection failed!;

// simple port forwarder [ Forwarder ] use_forwarder=0; forwarder_sport=81; forwarder_dport=80;;

[ Advanced ] add_to_passive_port=0; // shift the passive port by value - else same port like the ftpd uses is taken

port_range_start=28001; // port range for relinking and ONLY FOR RELINKING!! port_range_end=30000;

use_port_range=1; // use the port range for relinking

buffersize=4096; // packet size

pending=50; // maximum of pending connections

connect_timeout=7; // connect timeout in seconds

ident_timeout=7; // ident timeout in seconds

read_write_timeout=30; // read/write timeout in seconds

uid=1; // if started as root switch to this uid; // file to store pid

retry_count=10; // read/write retrys

ssl_ascii_cache=0; // cache ascii connections in ssl mode - speeds up dirlisting for gl 1.32

disable_noop=0; // disable noop command

speed_write=0; // if enabled a tuned read/write loop is used in datathread (it's faster but not 100% tested)

allow_noentry_connect=0; // if enabled not only entry bnc may connect to traffic bnc


collected yatb sources + small fixes






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