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Regression Tests

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All the graphs below are results of tests in the fishtest framework, exclusively from 40.000 games tests at long time control (60sec + 0.6). Results have thus a confidence interval of +- 2 Elo.

  • Progress rate for the current development version (SF11 dev):

Progress rate SF11dev

  • Progress rate compared to previous 3 development periods (SF8, SF9 and SF10)

Progress rate compared to previous 3 runs (SF8, SF9 and SF10)

  • Continued progress since SF7

Continued progress since SF7

  • Monthly progress rate compared

Monthly progress rate compared

  • Draw rate vs elo delta compared

Draw rate vs elo delta compared

External links

There are several pages on the Web run by chess engine fans, collecting progress of Stockfish over its previous stable versions or development builds, or comparing it to other chess engines. Here a collection of some useful links in this regard.


SF versions CCRL 40/4

SF versions CCRL 40/40

SPCC Stockfish testing

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