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Gluwa Creditcoin

What is Creditcoin?

Creditcoin is a network that enables cross-blockchain credit transaction and credit history building. Creditcoin uses blockchain technology to ensure the objectivity of its credit transaction history: each transaction on the network is distributed and verified by the network.

The Creditcoin protocol was created by Gluwa. Gluwa Creditcoin is the official implementation of the Creditcoin protocol by Gluwa.

For more information, see, or read the original whitepaper.

Getting Started

Developer Setup

Rust Setup

First, you must complete the basic Rust setup instructions.


The provided cargo run command will launch a temporary node and its state will be discarded after you terminate the process. After the project has been built, there are other ways to launch the node.

cargo run --release -- --dev --tmp --mining-key <your mining key>


The cargo run command will perform an initial build. Use the following command to build the node without launching it:

cargo build --release

Explore Node Options

Once the project has been built, the following command can be used to explore all parameters and subcommands:

./target/release/creditcoin-node -h

Single-Node Development Chain

This command will start the single-node development chain with persistent state:

./target/release/creditcoin-node --dev --mining-key <your mining key>

Purge the development chain's state:

./target/release/creditcoin-node purge-chain --dev

Start the development chain with detailed logging:

RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./target/release/creditcoin-node -ldebug --dev --mining-key <your mining key>

Connect with Polkadot-JS Apps Front-end

Once the node template is running locally, you can connect it with Polkadot-JS Apps front-end to interact with your chain. Click here connecting the Apps to your local node template.

Multi-Node Local Testnet

If you want to see the multi-node consensus algorithm in action, refer to our Start a Private Network tutorial. Start a Private Network tutorial.

Links Regarding legacy Creditcoin implementation